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From the blog

7 Easy Ways to Make $1000 online without a Job

Can make 1000 dollars online without a job?

7 Life Hacks that Will Ultimately Make You a Millionaire in 2019

Christmas is here, and its my favorite part of the year. You got to love everything about it: The trees, the decors, and the story of the Santa that sneaks in on sleeping kids with a Pokémon Pikachu. So, Merry Christmas peeps!

But, that's not all! It's the time to review what we did in the previous months and draw up plans for a prosperous new Year.

Now, when I say more prosperous, for you, it could mean:
  • Developing the needed skill sets to grow your career worth
  • Giving up an Old habit
  • Setting Up a new six figure business from Scratch or
  • Becoming a millionaire by 30

I was on google a couple of days ago, and I noticed that some people really... really.... wanted to know “How to become a millionaire fast”. It just tickled my fancy!

But really! Can you become a millionaire fast? I mean fast next couple of weeks. Huh! May be if you're lucky to pick up a million dollar on the Broadway street or you win a draw.

So, let's talk about something that is more real:Can you become a millionaire in a year? It's possible! But with, good financial plannings, and life decisions.

These 7 Money Hacks can Ultimately Make You a Millionaire in 1, 2 or 3 Years.

1. Cut down on the Zero values and Zero Necessities

There is a great money tip I learned sometimes ago and it goes like this:

"Before you spend your next bucks, check if your spending meets up two conditions:": Values and Necessities.

Necessity means your spending is necessary or needed and Value means your spending will likely bring good returns.

See this:
  1. Spending money to train your child in school is both necessary and valuable.
  2. Taking a delicious breakfast is both necessary and valuable, but topping it with a shot of gin is not.

Now, can you roughly dig into your budget for this outgoing year and review your most recurrent your spendings?
  • Were they necessary?
  • Were your spending valuable?

If not, then your first first step to a million dollar New Year is to: Hit on the STOP button and Cross out the "UNPRODUCTIVES".

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2. Appreciate the VALUES OF A CENT

Each time I go to a shopping mall, there's this cliche that always gives me Tee-hees:
"Hey, don't worry, keep the change"

But, that’s a low to mid-income earning customer telling the lovely lady at the Checkout to keep the rest of the change.

But, that always gives me the Amada Holden chuckle:

The gesture is not to appreciate the lovely lady's politeness, or the welcoming smile. But, he only feels the money is too small and of No worth.

Now, here's my point:
  • How much do you think you can easily throw out the window because it is so small - 1$, $2, $5 or more?
  • Can you roughly think of how many times you've done that in the last 12 months - 10, 20 or 30 times?
  • How much could that money add up in 12 Months?
  • Would you still consider the sum insignificant?

Now, don't forget...

Millionaires Appreciate the Value of every CENT. For a more productive, prosperous New Year, it's time to make a turn around.

New Year Resolution: Appreciate The Value of A Cent.

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3. Save for INTERESTS

Sometimes, I feel like jumping into a bank CEO office like a flying Dutchman and giving the nice guy the 'Messi kick'.

I kid! But seriously:

  • They tell us to save money for a BULK.
  • Then they take your bucks, invest with your bucks, give you cents and keep the BULK.

You know what?

Don’t fall for those trick in this New Year. It’s the time to make your savings work for YOU - not for your bank alone. Look for a bank with a decent interest rates.

Don't forget:
To become a millionaire this Year, the goal is to stop spending your Real Money. Millionaires don't spend their money, they spend from their from their interests.

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4. Stop Saving Money as a penny pincher, SAVE MONEY FOR PRODUCTIVITY

When you're almost in the red, the last thing you probably want to hear is the word "fun". Straight no!

Yes, it's the Christmas...
  • But you don't want to lose some bucks going to Disney
  • And you would rather keep your $20 than treat yourself to a hot Cocoa Bar for the Xmas eve.

But, does that really save you some good money? I don't think so!

It only takes the fun out of your life, makes you seem more miserable and reduces your productivity and of course your ability to make more money when the holiday is gone.


Millionaire's grow their incomes by making more money on the sides. Not by cutting off the fun from the holidays just to save some pennies.

To save more, focus on the Big Wins i.e get more side income streams and expand your income flows.

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5. Grow your WILL TO SAVE

Have you thought of your WILL-TO-SAVE? For example:

If a company gives 10 young staff extra $50k raise on top of their job salary for 12 months, they still won't end up making equal savings from the $50k raise.

That's because they have different Will-To-Save, even if they've got almost equal responsibilities.

Your Will-To-Save is how much you are can push yourself to save money productively. To grow your WILL TO SAVE, you should define your WHY.

Why do you want to save money?
  • Save because everyone talks about saving - Weak
  • Save to grow your wealth - Weak
  • Save for a new potential business opportunity - Strong
  • Save for Emergency Funds - Strong

Don't forget:

Millionaires don't save because people talk about savings but because they have defined strong reasons to save.

New Year Resolution: To become more productive with saving money, define WHY YOU SAVE and grow your Will-To-Save.

6. A Sit-On-Stool Review on Your Groceries

Have you been overlooking how much money went into your grocery bills for the past couple of months? Then, trust me, you're probably spending too much on food already!

So, I will give you some tips to watch out for:
  • Most of your perishables go into the bins
  • You occasionally order food online?
  • You visit the restaurant often
  • The Generous guy that pays everyone's bill

If you do a couple of these then, Sorry, but let me quickly tell you the truth:

  • You're not taking your budgeting serious
  • You probably have a six figure business eaten up in your belly.

So, it's time to make a decision for a million dollar New Year. it's time to sit on the stool [ No Couch, No Doritos ] and do a review of your groceries before the New Year.

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7. Invest your bucks

If there is a major tip I want to give you ahead of the Christmas and in preparation for the coming year, then this is it:

"Invest, Invest, Invest."

But what if you are broke, is it worth it to invest your $10, $20 or $50?

Of course, you won't make grow it spending it on zero values. But you can invest it and give it a shot to grow big with some of these methods.
  • You can invest into your Employer's Retirement plan
  • DRIP
  • Worth Bonds Buying
  • Treasury Bonds

Don't forget...

Millionaires are not made just by saving pennies. The road to becoming a millionaire is by investing, investing and more investment.

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A Prosperous New year in Advance guys.

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