11 Easy Side Jobs That Pay Really Good Money – Even When You Sleep

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Did you know you could make money while you sleep? It looks like a fairy tale, but it’s easier than you think.

And I will give you an example: This blog makes money every second. It may be at a gym, at a movie show, or even sleeping.

Now, you catch the picture!

But how do you make money while you sleep?

You need a system that you can set up and leave running and watch money stroll in.

Check out 9 ways to make money while you sleep.

1. Turn your flair for photos to money

If you have a flair for taking beautiful photos and you have a good collection of some great shots, then it’s time to turn your flare to money.

How do your pictures make money?

Here it is: More than 505 million blogs were live online as of 2018. And more blogs are still being created every single second.

These blog owners need pictures to make those blogs look cool. But they can’t take the pictures by themselves.

And that is where you come in:

Simply take those cool pictures, and put them on paid picture download sites, and watch those photos bring in completely passive income on your couch.

It’s really that simple!

Some of the best places where you can sell your photos are Alamy, Shutterstock, and Crestock.

2. Sell other peoples’ product

You don’t need to have a product to sell before you make money. You can sell other peoples’ product and you share in their products.

I like affiliate marketing for one reasons

  • If you don’t have an idea of what you want to sell, at least, you can still promote for other people and share in their profit. Right?

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need just two things:

  • The products you want to promote. It has to be a product people want to buy.
  • The medium you want to use for the promotion. You can even use your social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, or Youtube.

But the best way to promote affiliate products is to set up your blog.

With a blog, you will engage more with your audience, get their emails and make them return buyers.

3. Place a room on Airbnb

Do you have a spare room that you can rent out for guests? Then let your room do the job of making money while sit on your sofa.

If your room is conducive for stay, then it’s good enough for Airbnb. And you don’t need to do much.

I know some guests can be messy, but you only have to put the room back in shape once your guest has left, and you will be ready for the next payday.

Now, the good thing is, you can make up to $1300 a month doing just that.

5. Start a Youtube channel

When you watch a video on youtube, and you see some ads, you are already helping the channel owner to make money.

He could be dozing off right then – but he’s still getting pretty dosh for those videos.

So the question: How can YOU make money on Youtube?

  • Affiliate marketing – You place affiliate links below your video, and you get a commission on every sale.
  • Adsense – Google places ads on your video and pays you for every 1000 views.

And the good part: It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your channel.

I know you won’t probably make money in the first couple of months. But’s completely okay!

Keep uploading your videos, you will gain more subscribers, and money will follow.

6. Write E-books

You can make as much money as you want with an ebook on any topic of your expertise.

Now, how much can you make? Let’s see:

  • Case 1. If you sell $30 to 15 people = $450 — Mr. A
  • Case 2. You sell $50 to 150 people = $7,500 — Mr. B

Mr. A, in case 1, is just a beginner. He has less audience. So he makes less money than Mr. B, who has been in the game a bit longer.

So what am I saying?

The longer you stick with it selling ebooks, the more your income potential grows. I have two reasons for that:

  • Your audience size will increase with time
  • Your expertise and bargain power will rise.

Now keep in mind: You don’t have to be ‘Mr. Know all’ before you can write an Ebook.

Moreover, you would be surprised at funny topics people buy Ebooks to learn. So don’t have to write off your idea before you try it out.

You can sell your Ebook on Amazon Kindle, Payhip, or Blurb.

7. Create an online course

If you have some skills that people are eager to learn, and it’s not an extra income for you yet, then you are leaving money on the table.

What skills?

Just anything you know:

It could be ‘Interior home decor on a budget’ or ‘how to make your bunny dance to Xmas carols’.

Did you know people spend money on way more funny courses on Udemy?

So here is the point:

If it is a topic you are passionate about, then you can be sure there are others out there who share your interest.

You can sell your online courses on Udemy, Skillshare, Coursecats, Teachable, or on your blog.

8. Have your shop on Amazon

Amazon alone has over 197 million registered users every single month.

Why is it a cup of tea?

It means millions of people are waiting to buy something from you – I mean just anything.

But if you only use Amazon to shop, you may be loosing from the opportunity.

9. Start a money-making blog

You can make money on your blog at any time. You can be at the cinema, on the golf course, or sleeping on the couch. If your blog is live, then you can make money on the go.

You only need to follow three steps:

  • Set up your blog.
  • Get visitors to your blog.
  • Monetize your blog.

If you have the patience to see it through, blogging as a business has what it takes to make you a millionaire.

10. Start a Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a business that you can start right away and make good money over time.

And best the part is, you don’t even need to have your product, an inventory, or ship customer orders with dropshipping.

To start a dropshipping business, you only need to set up an eCommerce store that shows a range of products you want to promote from manufacturers.

When someone comes to your store and pays for an item, the store automatically receives and sends the order to the manufacturer.

Now, the manufacturer will ship the order to the buyer, and you will get part of the sale.

11. Wrap your car with Ads

An easy way to make money is to allow companies to wrap your car with their brand promo ad. And that’s all you need to do – and you can make up to $500.

To get started, you can try Carvertise or Wrapify.

12. Open a High-Interest Savings Account

Online banks like CIT will give you at least 1.6% interest on your savings account.

That’s way more than what you get with brick wall banks.

Don’t also forget it’s a completely passive income stream.

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