About Me

Saving money sucks! Oh yes, really!

I can think of more fun stuff to do with my bucks: Like taking a top class flight to Paris or just sneaking to a pub and throwing the coins on some silly stuff.

But we got to what sucks to make sense of out of our finances. And I did just that!

About me

I guess I learned to save money in a purely extreme – but funny way.

Back to my university days, I was the one guy who would take the long 1-hour walk in the morning, from my residence in the center of the main town to class for lectures and do the same returning home.

Warning! Extreme stunts

Grew up in a place with no Government support for education – but, never obtained a dollar on loan to run my degree.

I was so rich, I spent so much each day living on campus – but less than a dollar a day.

About this Blog

Incomefizo is a personal finance site dedicated to sharing some of my experience on my personal finance.

Now, each time you log on to this site, you may not expect to find too many tips on saving money only. It’s more fun to focus on the big wins.

This is what I mean:

Don’t just save pennies, run a successful business, make real bucks, and take a full control of your finances.

Now, that’s what I call “The Big Win”. So, welcome to the blog!