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Online Jobs for Introverts – 11 That Pay Real Good

You probably know this already. Most of the 9-5 jobs out there are meant for the jolly outgoing guys.

If you are an introvert, the truth is you probably want more time alone. But most jobs won’t give you that.

Let’s think of this:

You just had a sorry moment dealing with a freaky company client who almost broke the cup of coffee on your desk.

And then your “walky-talky” colleague bumps in with a gist about the new visitor to her home – her new puppy.

If I were you, I would probably jump out through the window.

No no no… Not again!

So, what are the best online jobs for introverts?

1. Work Remotely as a computer programmer

Can you spend a couple of hours a day in front of your PC fiddling with some scary looking codes? If you say yes, then you can think of working remotely as a computer programmer.

I know it’s not a job for everyone – but there are some perks you will love about a programming job:

  • Low entry cost: If you have a laptop and you can spare a couple of hours a day working on codes, then you can start a programming job.

If you don’t know how to program already, there are so many videos on youtube you can watch to learn some programming languages.

It took me a couple of months to learn PHP and java – and it would probably take you less.

  • Programming is Lucrative: You are probably wondering what is the median salary for a computer programmer? Here it is according to Glassdoor:
online jobs for introverts

That’s not bad! Right?

Keep in mind that you don’t need a degree to work as a computer programmer.

Yes, it’s great to have your programming course at an institute or get some cool certifications for your resume. But you can start with some Youtube videos.

Av. salary: $76,526/yr

2. Be a remote copywriter

Copywriting is easily one of the most in-demand jobs online today and one of the most suitable online jobs for introverts.

But can anyone write? You say!

Okay, everyone can type, but not everyone can sit on the sofa for hours and stream out 2000 words or spend the next boring 30 minutes hunting down a missing comma.

If you can do that, then you are set to make money with copywriting.

Here are the steps you have to take:

  • Build a portfolio: Set up an impressive resume site to feature your previous works and make your prospective clients know you are a big deal.

If you are new and you haven’t had clients yet, put up a couple of blog posts on your resume site to showcase your writing skills.

  1. Reach Out: Don’t sit on the cushion all day and wait for clients to bang to use your bell ring. Instead, search for companies on Linkedin and pitch your cool writing skills.
  2. Outreach: The best way to do this is still by cold emailing. Make sure you send about 10-20 cold email pitches to prospects every day.

It doesn’t come easy, but that is just the way business works everywhere – even offline.

And, it becomes better with your first set of clients. 

You can turn them to return clients with great works and leverage their good reviews to land more paying clients.

Av. salary: $52,000/yr

3. Start a POD store on Tee Spring

Another way to turn your creative flair into money is a print of demand job. POD is one of the best jobs for introverts, and it can make you a full-time income if you stick to it enough.

If you can spend 2 or 3 hours a day and create a cool design, then you have what it takes to do this job for a full-time income.

Of course, you won’t earn your first full-time income the same month.

But, here it is:

As you stay longer you stay on the job, your income also grows. I have seen people make over $10,000 with POD.

There are two ways to start:

  • POD sites: With Print on demand sites like Teespring, they already have the store in place. You only sign up and upload your designs.
  • Shopify store: With a Shopify store, you will need to set up your store and link it with Printful. It comes with more work – but you have more control over your store.

To boost your sales, spend some bucks on Pinterest ads, and track your result.

I really recommend watching Greg Gottfiends’s youtube videos real big just with POD on TeeSpring.

Av. salary: Some peeps earn $100,000 plus – others earn much less.

4. Transcription Job

If you are a good listener and you type fast, then a transcription job is a good deal for you.

As a transcriber, you listen to the audio messages and convert them to text.

To work as a transcriber, you only need two skills:

  1. Be a great listener
  2. Be good with the keyboard.

Íf you can do that, then you are good to go with a transcription job as one of the work from home jobs for introverts.

Some people make a full-time income with this job, but it’s okay, even if you have to start from somewhere.

Av. salary: $24,000/yr

5. Book Keeping Job

A Bookkeeping job is one of the best online jobs for introverts.

What bookkeeping? You say!

No. I’m talking about a remote bookkeeping job where you work from home, and the only guys you see around are your puppy, your kitten, and your PC.

To start a remote bookkeeping job is not difficult. You can follow these simple steps:

  1. Learn the details: Start by reading more tips on what virtual bookkeeping jobs entail on youtube.
  2. Be a brand: If you are new. You probably don’t have a portfolio site, so open a Linkedin business account for a start.
  3. Find clients: Find companies on Linkedin.
  4. Pitch: Forget what you have probably heard so far about cold emailing. It’s still the best way to find prospects for your business.
  5. Sign up: Set up your profile sites that hire online bookkeepers. Here are 5 of such sites to check out:


Don’t also forget to make sure you deliver your best service to clients.

By doing that, you will retain your clients and multiply your income.

Av. salary: $30,875/yr

6. Sell Handmade crafts

Etsy’s job is one of the best profitable work from home jobs for introverts.

Yes, you want that creative cap.

But you don’t have to be an artistic genius. Many people that make a full-time income selling hand made crafts on Etsy are not.

But what if you pretty suck at handmade crafts?

You can still make money on Etsy. Here’s how:

Buy some beautiful crafts on Etsy and resell them for a much higher price. It’s called flipping.

You can make a full-time income flipping Etsy products.

Some people use the same approach on Craiglist. They buy old items cheaply, refurbish and resell for 5 to 10 times the original price.

Av. salary: Not limited. Some people earn as much as $100,000 plus per month. Others earn much less.

7. Sell Photos Online

Some bloggers pay hundreds of dollars every single month for stock photos. If you have a flair for taking nice pictures of nature, then you can make yourself some income doing this job.

While it’s good to appreciate nature, you can always do this with an easy online job.

The good thing about this is that the more photos you make, the more websites list your service, the more money you can make with this method.

8. Sell your products

One of the hot cake online jobs for introverts is to sell your products.

If you want to sell in the real world, you have to be outgoing (at least to some extent) to get more customers. But in the online world, it is different.

With a simple Shopify store and some Facebook ads, you can start selling online and making some good profits without having to leave the comfort of your room.

With a Shopify store, how much you can make has no limit. 

May be $1000 per month, $100,000 or more? It depends on how long you have been running your store.

And the good thing is: Your income will continue to grow.

But don’t forget:

You have to collect your customers’ email addresses. By that, you can turn them to repeat buyers.

Av. salary: Not limited. Can be as high as $100,000 plus per month – or much less.

9. Start a Dropshipping Business

You are probably aware that Dropshipping is a hot cake of a business right now. And you have probably read a couple of posts about how some guys make $5,000+ with dropshipping stores.

Is Dropshipping that cool?

The real sweat deal with a dropshipping business that makes it one of the best online jobs for introverts:

  • You don’t have to worry about running an inventory, and you don’t need to ship your customer orders by yourself.
  • And You are not even going to interact directly with your customers.

Here is how it works:

You show pictures of products on your store, receive your customer orders, and send the orders to manufacturers. That’s all.

The manufacturer handles shipping and delivery, and you automatically earn your commission.

You are probably asking:

I’m going be refreshing my page all day checking if “Joe the Buyer” has made an order so I can send it to the manufacturer?

No Tom!

It runs by itself, and you don’t have to be there.

You need just 2 main things to run a very profitable dropshipping business:

  1. Know how to find hot selling products to sell.
  2. How to use Pinterest to drive traffic and sales for your store.

And most importantly, you should collect your visitors’ emails, follow up on them, and turn them to repeat buyers.

Av. salary: Not limited. Some people earn as much as $100,000 plus per month. Others earn much less.

10. Blog on the side

Blogging is easily one of the best online jobs for introverts. Of course, not everyone who blogs is an introvert. Right?

But here it is: When you blog, you are there sitting all alone with your companion – your laptop.

And the best part? It’s easy to start.

And on top of that, the income potential is also unlimited; The more your blog grows, the more income you can make.

Okay, I know blogging comes with its challenges. You have to come up with fresh content for your blog and keep your audience engaged.

But, here it is:

When your blog grows, you can hire more hands to help with some stuff; Your blog grows faster, you free some time for yourself and make even more money.

You can learn more about how to set up a blog on this post.

Av. salary: Not limited. Depends

11. Turn your skills to a side income

Do you have some cool skills you can monetize? Then, you probably have one of the best jobs for introverts already.

Okay, you may not know what skills I’m talking about here.

Here it is:

Can you design a logo, do a proofreading job, or write an email copy?

That’s it.

And you’ll be surprised at some pretty funny gigs people use to make money on Fiverr. Like:

  • I will make your puppy smile for two weeks – or
  • I will make your cat dance to hip hop.

Here’s the rule:

Is there a skill you have that someone else needs?

If you are not using it as an extra income, then you are probably throwing money out of the window.

Bonus Side income ideas for introverts

These two are not real jobs, but you can use them to earn extra cash each time you are indoor.

1. Watch Videos

If you stream videos for more than 1 hour on Youtube or Instagram daily, you need to get some of the money you spend on data back.

But with Youtube or Instagram? No sorry!

That’s where Swagbucks comes in.

Swagbucks is a GPT app that pays for watching small video clips, taking surveys, or polls.

You also earn rebates from Swagbucks when you shop at any of their partner online stores using their app.

Swagbucks pays in SB coin. You can redeem your SB coins as cash though Paypal once you reach the minimum payment of 2,500 SB.

2. Share your opinions for money

Do you have a couple of minutes to spare daily, and you don’t mind sharing your opinions about some of the products you use?

If yes, then you can make some bucks just taking surveys about company products.

So, how does it work?

Many companies want to know what consumers think about their products. To do that, they partner with market research companies (survey companies) to do that.

These companies reward you in exchange for the time you take to help improve the quality of their products.

Some of these companies will reward you in the form of points while some other companies give out free products instead. You can always redeem your points for a cash reward.

Reviewing products or taking surveys is not really an online job.

But if you have some free time, then make some quick bucks with surveys.

  • Swagbucks
  • Opinion
  • Inbox dollars
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