5 Free Apps That Give You Money

free apps that give you money

Do you need some quick cash? Check out 5 free apps that give you money for doing most of the things you have already been doing free.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular free apps that give you money on the internet.

With Swagbucks, you can get paid to do pretty much anything have been doing on different sites for free.

You mean free money…

BuOkay here is how it works: Swagbucks is not only dolling out money for free. They get paid by advertisers to get their products in front of users. To attract the users, they share part of their earnings.

Here are some of the ways you can make money with Swagbucks.

  1. Watching movie clips
  2. Taking daily polls on their site
  3. Taking surveys
  4. Searching Google with their browser extensions installed.
  5. Getting cashback on items you buy from online stores.

You can receive your Swagbucks earnings in cash through Paypal or in the form of a gift card.

To get started with Swagbucks is also easy. You will receive a $5 sign up bonus immediately and you can start earning immediately you register.


Paribus is another one of the best free apps that give you money. Paribus is basically a refund app.

If you buy things online, Paribus will help you claim all refunds and price reductions that you have missed just by scanning your email receipts.

In the case that you have any unclaimed refunds, the app would automatically get back the refunds for you.


If you have been trying to keep a trim body, then you can also get paid to walk with HealthWage.

How does it work?

You set your weight loss goals, have other users bet on your goal and get paid when you beat that set up goal.

How much can you make with HealthyWage?

You can make up to $500 when you beat your goal. But here’s the main thing: You can also be able to win up to $10,000 or other prizes with their sweepstakes.

Rakuten (Ebates)

Rakuten (Formally Ebates) is an app that gives you rebates when you order items on top online stores like Walmart, Amazon, Adidas.

Rakuten gives you up to 5%-40% cashback, depending on the items you buy.

How much can you get back with Rakuten?

Here’s the math: If you have been buying $750 items per month on Amazon, with an average of 5% cashback, that means you are getting an extra $300 a year for doing absolutely nothing extra.

To start getting rebates on Rakuten, you can easily register on their site. Rakuten gives you a bonus of $10 when you sign up.

Sign up for Rakuten and get $10.

Nielsen App

Nielsen App is another on of the top free apps that give you money . To make money with Nielsen, you only need to install their app and keep it on your phone for at least one year.

So how much are you going to make?

You get $50 for keeping their app installed on your phone for a year. Yea. that’s good – but not all.

You are also going to be eligible for Nielsens $10,000 monthly sweepstakes where you can win up to $1000 or other prizes.

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free apps that give you money