17 High Paying Businesses That You Can Start With No Money

business that you can start with no money

You don’t need ANY money to start ANY business. Haha, I hear you thinking: “This guy has had himself 70 mugs of hot Piccolo Latte.”

So, let me put it like this: There are high-profit businesses that you can start with no money.

1. Start With Your Low Hanging Opportunities

I have had many ask what on freaking earth are big business ideas I can start with zero capital?

It’s a good question! But what’s bad?

I have discovered that 99% of the time, they have always forgoten something: Their low hanging fruits.

What do I mean by that?

Your low hanging fruits are income streams that you can initiate right at the moment. These are income sources you already have the assets required to initiate.

Now see this:

  • A spare room in your house: You can make money listing it on Airbnb.
  • A spare car in your garage: List it on Uber for a consistent passive income with Uber.
  • Old stuff cluttering your garage: Sell them on Decluttr or Craiglist and get paid.
  • Working a day job? Negotiate a salary raise with your employer.

2. Be a Virtual Assitant

It’s 2019 already and 70% of global workforce now work remotely at least once a week. And this trend will only grow. Not because their bosses look like tigers.

Here’s why:

More than 75% of what we used to do in the offices can now be done on a living room sofa. All you need is a PC and the internet.

And that means something: More job opportunities for virtual assistants.

Here are 4 easy ways to get started as a virtual assistant:

  1. By checking and replying to emails.
  2. Transcribing contents.
  3. Managing social media accounts
  4. Proofreading write-ups.

3. Be a Content Writer

There are over 200 million ACTIVE sites online right now? Good info! But how does that concern me, Tom?

Here it is:

These websites need content to keep them updated and many site owners can’t come up with contents for their sites.

You know why?

Sitting down with a PC and streaming out letters is not fun like watching Mickie and Minnie.

So, if you can fill in the gap, write contents for site owners, you will make good money.

But how much can you make doing this?

You that you can charge as much as $100 per 1000 words. Sounds good!

Okay. I can hear you thinking: Hmm, that applies to the top-earning writers.

Right! But remember, you have two choices:

  • Sell yourself short, charge less, scramble for the low paying $5 gigs and earn less or.
  • Do exactly what the top guys are doing: Pitch directly to companies on Linkedin.

If you place the right price on your skills, you can add an extra $5,000/month in side hustle through writing.

Here are 5 strategies top earning writers use to build their brand.

  1. Write more & write better: The more you write, the better you get.
  2. Don’t sell themselves short: Scrambling for ridiculously low pay devalues you as a writer.
  3. Write free: No, I don’t mean write free for clients. I mean write free for top online magazines that accept guest posters: Forbes, Entrepreneurs, Huffington Post, Venture Beat, Inc.
  4. Reach out: They reach out to high company websites on Linkedin via cold emailing to get high-value clients.

5 ways Strategies top writers use to get high-value content writing clients.

  1. Use LinkedIn to find and contact brands in their niche.
  2. Use yellow pages to find a list of local brands.
  3. Contact business associations in their niches.
  4. Partner with SEO and content marketing agencies for referrals.
  5. Send emails to online magazines with your proposals.
  6. Use reviews from formal clients as social proof.

4. Write an Ebook

Do you think you don’t have the skills to make money writing Ebook? Wait a bit: You may be wrong.

I think the question is: Have you identified that skill you have that you can monetize with an ebook?

Let’s see this:

  1. You play the guitar like Yuja Wang!
  2. Program the computer like a whiz.
  3. Have an awesome sense of fashion ideas for the summer or
  4. Or you know how to deal with a troublesome puppy.

Good. You already have a skill. You have the knowledge you can share. So, turn it into a book and make it a new stream of passive income.

5. Be A Graphic Designer

You don’t have to limit yourself to online jobs alone. With graphic design, you are going to make good money online and offline. But you need one thing:

Your design skills!

How much can you make as a Graphic designer?

Probably a million dollars like Nicki Laatz on CreativeMarket.

Okay, to be more realistic: May be $55,000 on average a year.

Nicki Laatz started a couple of years ago. So don’t limit yourself just yet when you make your first couple of hundred dollars.

So how do you start your graphic design business?

Step 1: Set a Plan

  1. Be sure you have the skill: If you have it, you know you do.
  2. Have the passion: Can you stay in front of your pc for hours without your “Games of Thrones”?
  3. Have Your portfolios handy: Get started creating designs already.

Step 2: Capture your local market

  1. Print and distribute your business cards
  2. Let your friends and relatives about your new business.
  3. Reach out to people on your Whatsapp contact list.

Step 3: Take your business online

  1. Set up a Pinterest and Instagram account
  2. Pin your new design projects to Pinterest boards and upload them on your Instagram account.
  3. Contact bloggers on Pinterest and let them know you can design their pins.
  4. Sign up your accounts on freelance sites: Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers.
  5. Look for companies hiring near you on Indeed, Linkedin jobs and Glassdoor.
  6. Search companies on Linkiedin and pitch your work.

6. Sell T-shirts on TeeSpring

You can make thousands of dollars a month selling cool Teeshirts designs And you don’t even need to run your Teeshirt store.

What you need is a Teespring account.

But how much will you make with this business? Well. you can’t say until you try it. So, the question should be: What is the potential for this business?

Now, this guy here made $100,000 with TeeSpring and Facebook ads.

Now, if you are ready to give it a try, here are the 3 steps you can take right away.

  • Register an account on TeeSpring. It’s free
  • Find a hot niche for your Tee designs:
  • Master Pinterest and Facebook ads to drive targetted buyers [Start with $10 Facebook ads]

7. Start a Drop shipping Business

You are probably aware that having an online store is a sweet deal.

But, there’s an issue:

Keeping an inventory and sending customers’ orders can cost you a big buck. What can you do if you have less than $50 to get started?

The Answer: Dropshipping.

With dropshipping, you won’t keep an inventory or send customer orders.

All you have to do is show the products on your store, receive the orders, and send them to the manufacturer to complete the shipping.

It’s all is automated and you will be making money while on your couch.

You can start a dropshipping store for less than $30. Make your first sales, reinvest it, multiply your sales and rinse and repeat till you start raking in $5,000/m plus and more.

Yea. I know I make it seems like cheese…

So let me be more realistic here: To run a high-profit Dropshipping store, there are 2 things you have to master:

  1. How to Find hot selling products to sell
  2. How to master Facebook and Pinterest marketing to drive huge sales.

Each of these is a real big topic on its own and you need to master them.

Now, if you want to start digging into those topics right away, you can start with Justin Painter’s youtube videos.

8. Start an Errand Service

Think of a really fast business that you can with no money and start making money immediately? You would probably love this.

Here’s how it works:

Most peeps nowadays would rather pay someone to do the laundry or run errand. You know the reason already: Either too busy or too freaking lazy. ( No no, I didn’t actually say that ).

Now, are you ready to start and start making money right away?

The first step is to start with people in your immediate network:

  • Your colleagues at work.
  • Send occasional broadcast messages to your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Print and distribute your business cards.

When this business has taken ground, get an office and I bet, you will soon be having more clients than you can handle.

9. Help People To Shop

The idea behind this business is simple: Many people would rather pay you to do their monthly shopping for them rather than go to the mall.

Yea, it’s not only easy, but it’s also fun.

So how do you get started?

First, sign up an account on Instacart, PostMates or Ubereats.

Don’t forget that the people around you can also be your potential clients. So let them in:

  • Tell your colleagues at work
  • Tell your neighbors
  • Send messages to your WhatsApp contacts

10. Become a Stock Photo Seller

Do you have a small camera you are already using to snap the good moments at friends’ birthday parties? That’s what you need.

Here’s the idea:

You are still going to be snapping those pictures but not just for your friends’ birthday parties. They are pictures you can upload to stock photo selling websites, sell to bloggers and get paid:

Pictures of your cute puppy, hot steaming Coffee mug. Now, you get the idea. The good thing is: You can start this business right away:

1. Register on stock photo sites, Start uploading your stock photographs and set the price. Here are 5 stock photo sites you can start with:

  • alamy.com
  • shutterstock.com
  • istockphoto.com
  • photoshelter.com
  • stock.adobe.com

2. Set up your Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Start a lifestyle blog, build a highly targeted email list of bloggers by initially offering them a couple of free stock pictures.

3. Start marketing your paid stock pictures to the bloggers on your list.

11. Be a Dog Walker

If you are a dog lover, then Dog walking or Dog sitting is a good business that you can start with no money.

Your only duty is to help take care of dogs for busy or traveling owners. As easy peasy.

Now here’s the good thing:

You can do that with your day job and you are not going to be sitting all day with the dogs.

How much can you make?

Well, probably an extra $3000/Yr in your account. Maybe less, maybe more depending on how consistent you do this.

Now, if that sounds good enough, then you can kick start a dog walking business right away. Check out these 3 sites to register and get started.

  • DogVacay
  • Rover
  • Pettsitters.org

12. Be a Home Tutor

If you can spare about 2 hours 3 days a week, then you have what it takes to start a home tutoring business. Your only duty is to help kids with their assignments.

This is a business you can start right away.

Your first target clients are parents in your locality, friends & families and you can easily contact them with words of mouth.

The next step is to target a large market. You do this by taking your tutoring business to the internet. If you have a pc with a good internet connection with a webcam and a microphone, then you are ready.

Here are 5 sites that pay you to teach:

  • QKid
  • VipKid
  • GogoKid
  • Magic Ears
  • TutorME

Other businesses that you can start with no money

13. Deliver food

Food delivery is another well paying business that you can start with no money.

If you have a car, a bike, or a bicycle already, then you are good to register on Doordash, and start getting paid.

You can earn $15 – $20 per hour working with Doordash.

14. Fitness Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Are you good at exercises and Yoga? Then see this:

50% of Americans are presently trying to lose weight and get their body as trim as steel.

Now, that’s not just a cool data to know. It’s a great business idea. That means a potential six-figure niche you should try.

And here’s the good thing: You can start with absolutely zero capital.

15. Be a Dog Trainer

If you are experienced in training and handling dogs, then that is another opportunity to start a business with no money. With so many homes having pets, be sure you will find it easier you think to land clients.

16. Sell Your Crafts on eBay

If you are good with handcrafts, and you only see it as a hobby, you are leaving money on the table. You can easily sign up on Etsy or eBay and turn that hobby to an extra income stream.

You need absolutely zero dollars to get started.

17. Be an Event Promoter

This is a rather easy business you can start with zero capital. With this business, you are going to be helping people promote their upcoming events and you get paid.

No, you don’t have to an extrovert or carry a giant megaphone to start this business: With a $20 facebook ads, you will target any event to your clients’ audience by city, and age. And you are good!

17. Start a Local Football Team.

I was a part of a local football team as a school child. Well, our coaches were not the best in the world but really had the skills and they made good money using it.

Now, Do you have football skills you can teach?

Good. Now get many school children in your area and start them in a local team as a side hustle. Yea. this is a that business you can start with no money. If you have the skills at your feet, then you are good.

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