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59 Companies That Give Out Free Stickers

Are you wondering how to get free stickers or what are the companies that give out some free stickers?

Cool! In this post, I have put together a list of 57 companies that give you free stickers.

Many of these companies do so for marketing purposes to create more awareness about their brands and promote their products.

Some companies that send free stickers by mail do so to compensate you when you buy their products.

Also, some non profit organizations also use stickers to raise support for a social cause or support a movement.

So, keep in mind that even though you are getting the stickers for free, the brands also benefit by having more awareness for their products.

How to get free stickers by mail?

In most cases, you will need to fill stickers request forms to get stickers from companies.

However, some brands do have a different approach by using self-addressed stamped envelopes. 

That means, you will need to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope – to the company address and wait a couple of weeks for them to return your second envelope – with some brand stickers free by mail.

And fortunately, it’s not really difficult.

You will only need 2 envelopes and appropriate stamps.

The first envelope will have your name and address in the middle of the envelope while the second envelope will bear the name and the address of the company.

What are the top companies that mail free stickers to your address?

Don’t worry. In this post, I have compiled a list of 59 companies for you. Check them out.

Yelp Free Stickers

get yelp labels

Yelp is one of the most popular companies that give free stickers. If you are on yelp, you can help your customers find you by flaunting their free decals.

You canl do that with a simple form on this page and be patient for a few days for them to reply.

Rip Curls

Rip curl is an online retail store for all types of wears, wet suits, and surfing boards.

Although they no longer give free labels by request. Nevertheless, you can get for yourself some packs of rip curls when you buy anything on their website.


Another company that gives you free stickers is Chaco. Chaco is an online fashion store for sandals, boots, hiking, and sportswears.

You can get yourself some cool free Chaco stickers here.

Von Zipper Free Stickers

von zippers collects

Von Zipper is an online retail store for fashion items like cat eyes glasses, snow goggles, tees, and hats – and also another brand you want to check out for free decals.

To get a pack of Von zippers stickers, fill a simple contact form on their site and be patient for them to reply you by mail delivery.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger sells different kinds of fashion wear like t-shirts, hats, bags and other accessories.

To get their free decals, you have to visit their shops in person and request for it.

Saucony Free Stickers

Saucony find your strong

Saucony is an online shoe company that sells running shoes for both men and women.

You can get free decals from them by filling a form here on their page.

Keep Calm Free Stickers

Keep calm social campaigns help raise awareness to support borderland culture.

You can help support this cause by flaunting their stickers.

To do that, fill a form here on their site and choose from different types of stickers you want.

Close the Camps

Close the camp is a social awareness to stop dehumanizing immigrants and concentration camps.

You can rock their free labels if you would love to support this cause. Just go ahead and fill their stickers request form here.

Whimsical Wolf Free Stickers

Whimsical wolf is one of the companies you need to check out to get stickers for free.

The brand is an online apparel store that sells tank tops, shirts, sweaters, and pillows.

To request free labels from Whimsical wolf, sign up here on their page and wait a couple of weeks to get your stickers by mail.


Billabong is a brand that sells snow outfits, wet suits, and accessories for surfers. You can request their free labels right on their website.


fayette decals sent free

Fayette is a fashion brand for tees, shorts, boots, and campfire collections.

You need to sign up for their newsletter and wait a couple of days to get their stickers by mail.

However, don’t forget that you can opt out of their newsletter any time you want.

Grand Trunk

some from grand trunk

Grand Trunk is a brand that deals in travel gears, pillows, blankets, and wallets.

If you like this brand and you want to show off their products, do so by getting their cool labels and flaunting them. Just go ahead and fill the contact on their site.

Patagonia Free Stickers

patagonia some decals

Patagonia is an online retail store for workwear, fleece, boardshorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies.

To get their stickers, fill the form on this page.


Annies is a snack and bite company for mac and cheese, and smoothies.

You can get different designs of bunny stickers from them all for free, like “organic”, “Don’t panic”, “Sun’s out buns” and “cheddars buns”.

You will also be able to choose the type of stickers you want. 

To get free stickers by mail from Annies, fill a request form here and wait a couple of days to receive them.

Michelin Free Decals

labels from michelin

Michelin is a top company that specializes in the production of automobile tyres.

You can get their free labels by saying hello and requesting for it through this form.

Simply southern Free Stickers

simply southern labels

Simply southern is an online clothing store for shirts, bags, wallets, and whistles.

To get their stickers, send them a SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope) to the address on this page.

Mogu Mogu

Mogu mogu

Mogu Mogu is a beverage company that produces different kinds of fruit juice and beverages.

If you love this brand or enjoy their product, then go ahead and ask for their free labels here.

Broaden Surf

Broaden Surf is a top brand that sells tees and tops, leggings, eye wears and watches.

You need a couple of steps to follow to have their free decals though. Check out the steps here.

Cotopaxi Free Stickers

Cotopaxi free decals

Cotopaxi is an online wear retail store for under sweaters, hoodies, and tees.

To receive their stickers, fill the request form here on their site

But keep in mind that they will also be sending you promotion and updates. Nevertheless, you can opt out at any time.

TNT fireworks

tnt free stuff

If you are a fan of fireworks, you can support this company by flaunting their stickers to raise awareness for their brand.

To get TNT fireworks stickers, go ahead and request here.


If you are a fan of this show, show off your love for them by pasting their cool decals on the walls, on your cars or even your laptop.

However, don’t forget that it takes a bit of work to get their Vinyl AllDownHill logo.

To do that, send them a message on Facebook and suggest the next topic to discuss on the show.


Freezer Label is a sticker and labels printing company where you can order for custom print labels stock templates.

If you want to try out their free label samples, fill the form here to get free prints by mail.

Harley Davidson

Do you love bikes? Harley Davidson can help you build a custom cornfield crusher from a general bike.

You can also show off your love for bikes by flaunting their free BOTK stickers. To do that, follow the steps here and wait for just a few days.


StickersforYou is another stickers and labels printing company that send free stickers by mail.

You can ask for some of their samples from this brand to try out free of charge. Just fill the simple form here. and wait for a couple of days.

Rail To Trails

Rail To Trails will give you free “Rail To Trails” support stickers. You can get it by taking a short survey and filling this request form.

Shark Love Free Decals

get labels from shark love

Shark love advocates for the conservation of sharks. You can fill the sticker request form here to get yourself these cute animal stickers.


free decals

Coexisters is a social campaign to preach religious tolerance and love.

If you would love to support this cause, then follow these steps and wait a couple of days to get your stickers by mail.

Medco Free Sport

Medco Sports is a company that sells athletic training gears. You can get their athletic trainer bumper stickers for free.

You can do that right away. Just go ahead and fill the contact form on their website.


HoneyBee is a popular beauty brand that makes natural body care products from organic substances.

They also give out free labels and you can ask for it on their site.

Boca Coast

Boca Coast sells products for inshore fishing sports like batch fish chum and fishing shirts.

If you love inshore fishing sports, then you can show your support for this brand with their free vinyl stickers (Vinyl sticky fish decals).

Request their sticker by filling this form.

San Diego

San Diego sticker is a sticker and labels printing company. You can request their free sticker samples to try here.


If you still need more companies that give out free decals, don’t forget to check out EveryTown.

Everytown is a social campaign to create awareness for tougher gun policy.

You can also join to support them by pasting their cute labels on your cars. And all you have to do is to fill a simple form and wait to have it by mail.

Edisto Beach Free Stickers

Edisto beach labels

Edisto Beach is a site that helps you book a beachfront rental for your vacation.

If you love the beach, you can show it off with some labels from Edisto beach.

To get their stickers, fill a sticker request form here their website and wait a couple of weeks.

Back Country

backcountry prints

Backcountry is an outdoor apparel store. BackCountry is also one of the companies that give free stickers by mail.

If you want to show off your love for fashion, you can do that with Black Country free decals. Just say hello to them through the page on their site, and request for their stickers.

West Coast Outdoorsman

West coast Outdoorsman is an event planning company for outdoor and vacation adventures.

To get Westcoast Outdoorsman decals by mail, contact them right here and request for their labels.

Ked Free Stickers

Keds is an online footwears retail store for boots, canvas, and snickers. You can show off your love for fashion with their product labels.

To do that, fill this sticker request form.

Peta Kids Free Stickers

Peta kids decals

Peta Kids promote awareness in support of animal rights. If you would love to show your love for animals, you will love their free animal support stickers.

If you would love to get the stickers, then do so by filling this form.

Keep in mind that they have different designs of free animal stickers, so be free to choose any one you like.

Punisher Skateboard

Punisher free labels

Are you a big fan of skating? Then check out these free Punisher skateboard stickers.

Request for your own Punisher skateboard stickers here.

Fringe Sports

FringeSport supplies sports and fitness tools. FringeSports is one of the companies that give free stickers.

To get their free labels, kindly fill the request form here.


Hupy will give you free “Watch for Motorcycles” stickers to promote motorcycles safety on the main roads.

And it’s also easy. Just go ahead and fill the stickers request form here.

MoveOn Social Campaign

MoveOn is a social campaign to raise awareness in support of the green movement and global warming.

They also give out free stickers.

If you want to support them, request for their stickers by following these steps and wait for some days to get them.

Osprey Free Stickers

Osprey is a fashion brand that makes different kinds of bags and backpacks.

They also organize promo events and you may likely have one happening near you. Osprey only gives out free decals at their promo events.

So, follow them on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of any promo event happening close to you.

Sayner Star Lake

Sayner Star Lake is one of those cool places to go for a fun filled vacation.

They also give out free bumper stickers. But, you need to order for a visitor guide with them to get it.

Google Pay Free Stickers

google pay free stickers

If you have a store and you accept Google pay from customers, then let them know by sticking some Google pay stickers on your wall.

To get free Google pay stickers, fill the form here and wait a couple of days.


NeverQuit sticker is a social movement to encourage people to pursue their dreams without giving up on their goals. The movement being sponsored by the American Federation of State.

To get free stickers by mail, you will need to tell them your choice here and wait to have their reply.

BakersFieldMotor Cyclecompany

BakersField MotorCycle company is an online clothing retail for tee shirts, sweaters, and hats. It’s also one of well known brands that give free stickers.

You can request their free decals right on their site by signing up on this page.

MTXNation Free Stickers

Do you love peanut butter and greek yogurt? Show it with MTXNation free decals.

To get free MTXNation stickers, fill this form and wait for a couple of weeks to get your stickers by mail.

Cherry Groove Beach

Cherry Groove Beach is a beach recreation company that can bring your beach fun dream into a memorable adventure.

If you love beach vacation, Cherry beach groove can be a place to go. This company also gives cherry beach stickers for free.

To get your own cherry beach stickers, follow these steps and they will send you their labels for free.

Save The Bay

Save The Bay promotes conservation of aquatic life by ensuring that waters, where they live, are kept clean always.

If you want to support this cause, you can request for your own cute free stickers by mail through a form here.

Southern Tide

Southern Tide is a fashion store that sells different kinds of pullovers, polos, and t-shirts.

They also give out free labels which you can get by sending a SASE. Read more on how to go about it here.


PropertyTied is an online store for cool men and women’s clothes. But that is not the only cool thing with this brand.

They are also one of the most known companies that give out free stickers.

Fill the simple form here and you will get free stickers by mail within a couple of days.

Coca Cola

Coca cola some free stuff

Coca-cola is one of the top companies that give out free stickers. It may not be guaranteed because of the high demand for their stickers.

But you may still be lucky to get stickers by mail from Cocal if you take the time to send them a message on their site.

Madera Outdoors

Madera is a company that sells different kinds of outdoor and camping gears like sleeping pads, hammock and camping lights.

It’s also one of the companies that give out free stickers. You can request Madera bumper stickers for free on this page.

Michigan Radio

Do you love Michigan Radio and would love to flaunt their stickers? Great. Here is how to get free stickers by mail from Michigan Radio.

Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy produces a range of cleaning products. It’s also one of the companies that give out free stickers.

Check out their sites and request for free stickers.

Half Moon

Half-moon is another clothing company that gives out free stickers. 

They will also love to send you their labels for free. But keep in mind that you need to send them a SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope) and wait to get the stickers by mail.


StoreYourBoard is a company that makes different kinds of bags and storage racks for skies, skateboards, and snowboards.

You can show off your flair for skating with their labels.

To do that, just get in touch with them here and let them know how much you will love to flaunt your love for skating.

Be More Stoked Free Stickers

Be more Stoked is an online gallery for arts. This site feature-rich collection of drawings, and stock photos.

You need to send a SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope) to the address they show here, and wait a bit for them to reply.

Merrel Upper Peninsular

Merrell Upper peninsula is a brand that deals with clothing and apparel. They sell different kinds of clothes, boots, and shirts for both men and women.To get stickers for free from Merrell Upper, ask for it here and they will send you some cool print labels by mail.

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