Online proofreading jobs – 32 Sites That Pay You To Edit

online proofreading jobs

Are you searching for online proofreading jobs as an extra side hustle? Good. You are are in the right place.

But let’s talk money. How much can you earn as a proofreaders?

online proofreading jobs salary

An average proofreader earns about $17 per hour.

But there is something else:

This job is mostly remote and you are in control of your time. That means you can work from home from anywhere.


Upwork is a well known site for online gig jobs. Upwork connects professionals who can render great services to businesses who need such services.

If you are a proofreader, then Upwork is also for you. But there is something more:

A wide Userbase. With millions of users, your proofreading skills is being exposed a wide range of potential clients.

Payment methods

Bank deposits for US users, PayPal, Payoneer, and M-Pesa for Kenyan users only.


Freelance is another top online market places to find a great pool of online editing and proofreading jobs so easily. Freelancer was, in fact, one of the first to start – and arguably has the largest user base.

Their mobile app is also one of the most popular apps to find online proofreading jobs so easily. But, on top of that, it’s easy to sign up and get started with Freelancer and bid for jobs.

Freelancer payment method:

You can withdraw your earnings on Freelancer through Paypal.


Guru is an online gig site that works more like the likes of fiver and freelancers. Guru features all types of job gigs. So, you won’t only find Proofreading and editing jobs here.

GURU may not be as big as Fiver, but it also has up to 800,000 users from across the world at the time of writing this post.

One good thing with Guru is that you have control over how you choose to pay whether hourly, per task or on a recurrent basis.


WordVice is another good site to try out in your search for online proofreading or work from home editing jobs.

Some of their job openings are freelance editors, freelance translators and research expert content writers.

The only downside is that they don’t have an “apply” form on their site. Hence you will need to contact them by email.


EditorWorld allows you to choose fields of interest to specialize – and there are many interests to choose; academic, personal, business, fiction, and many others.

You will receive your earnings either to your Paypal account or by check.


LifeTips will hire you as a member of their in-house editorial support staff to proofread and edit freelancers’ contents for the web. To do that, you need some degree of experience in writing content for the search engines.

The good thing with working here is that you are entitled to full medical benefits in addition to your basic proofreading job salary.

You can apply to Lifetips proofreading and editing job positions right on their site.


American Journal Experts (AJE) brings together a group of experts in different to help content writers proofread, edit, or format their contents.

To apply for a contractor position for a proofreading job on this site, you must be an expert in a specific niche – possibly with a college degree. Some of the people that work with them have Ph.D. degrees.

To get started, you can visit their site to check out any of the openings that match your skills.


Indeed is one of the most popular job listing sites online. And you can get a whole list of jobs with good pays on Indeed and one of such is online editing jobs.

Many of the jobs on Indeed do pay well and they also feature quality job opportunities. Moreover, most of their job features are full time.

Besides that, it’s easy to register on Indeed and you can also tailor your job search to your specific location.

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Do you have the knacks to proofread texts in different kinds of fields? Then you need to try Proofreading Pals.

Of course, Proofreading pals do have their own minimum requirements:

You need a college degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and you must be based in the United States.

If you meet the requirement, then you are good to apply for proofreading job on ProofreadingPals.


BabbleType is another proofreading site to check out.

One of their requirements is the ability to work with other proofreaders as a team. Their proofreading vacancies are not open year-round since they prefer to work with small but test team.

The good news is their translator job positions are more relatively open and you can check out the job descriptions and see if you would be interested.


Most of the editing job you will be doing here are pure academic, Think of dissertation and research papers. And that’s for a reason:

EduBirdie helps students with their academic essays.

Edubirdie has a Trustpilot rating of about 4.5 at the time of writing. But there is something else to interest you:

No specific minimum qualification on their site. You only need pass their basic grammar and Essay tests and your application will be considered for approval.


To apply for an EditFast online editing job, you have only two dots to thick:

You must be a native English speaker with a degree in English.

You need to be vast. And that means, you must be able to edit texts on a wide range of interest fields.

But there is something else to note: Their payment structure. EditFast pays out 60% of project earnings to their Editors and they retain 40%.

All payments are made through Paypal. If that sounds good, then you can apply to EdditFast.


Prompt helps students review their college essays and offer suggestions to improve.

Do they offer proofreading job positions? Yes, but they call it essay specialist. And why not? You will be dealing with academic texts afterall.

But there is something else to note: Their job vacancies are only open at certain times in a year.

So, what you can do is add yourself to a waiting list on their site to be notified.


Scribendi feature some elite authors and proofreaders who write for top online publications. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance if you are just starting.

Scribendi even welcome applications from non native English speaking countries. So, if you are good at English, then you are good to go.

You can apply for Scribendi online proofreading job using a form on their site.


Flexjobs is a popular site for gig jobs – and to some extent full time jobs.

Proofreading and editing jobs also some of the common jobs on Flexoffers.

But there is one more tip: You can search for jobs based on your location.


The first important thing with PureContent is that their proofreading positions are open to all countries.

So, don’t worry if your first language is not English. The first requirement is to be able to write English well and proofread contents. If you can do that, you are great.

Secondly, they give you a project to you only if it matches your skills.

And you don’t even need too many steps to follow than to register on their site and wait for approval. If approved, then you are ready to take projects.

ManagedEditing by WordFirm

ManagedEditing is another good place to find online proofreading jobs. They will hire you as an online independent contractor.

They don’t have a requirement like a minimum of a Ph.D. degree and that makes it cool.

Edit 911

Edit 911 also has some requirements that make it a bit strict – if not hard. What do I mean?

They explicitly have it on their site that they only need experts, teachers or published scholars. Yes, that is still cool. But then, a “A Ph.D. in English or another writing-intensive discipline”?

So what if you don’t have ‘Ph.D. in English or another writing-intensive discipline‘? Sure, there are more than 20 easier proofreading job sites on this list.

But if you have those qualifications, please go ahead and apply. You will need to wait for 2 days to see if your application has been approved.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus job is a bit on the easy side. That’s because, you won’t be proofreading as such. Your job is to review books by self-published authors.

You will send your resume, writing samples and fields of interest to apply for their online book review jobs.


Onespace works more like a general job site. They feature openings for other work from home jobs like translation, transcription, logo designs etc.

Onespace also have a client success team that will also work with you to make sure you are happy with your jobs there.

You can register to work as a freelance proofreader on Onespace by clicking the “Apply” button on the homepage.


EnglishTrackers jobs are only open for native English speakers with a minimum of 2 years of experience in proofreading job.

No, that’s not all. You may also need a Ph.D degree to ease your approval.

EnglishTrackers do their recruit in batches, so their vacancy is not always open all-year round. So, you may need to to bookmark them and check once in a while.


Reedsy works by connecting book authors, publishers and relevant professionals like editors, designers, and marketers.

Reedsy limits the number of bids for a project a maximum of 5. So, you stand a good chance of winning a job bid even if you are new.

Reedsy takes 10% cut of your earning and the rest goes to you.


Do you still need more online editing jobs sites? Don’t forget to check out JobsforEditors.

For their requirement, you need a major in linguistics, international relations or any related field and a proofreading or writing experience.

You can submit your VC right on their site.

Cactus Communication

Cactus communication is another site to check out if you are looking for an online proofreading job.

They also have a wide range of fields of expertise to direct your expertise.


Fiver is a micro job site with millions of monthly visitors. Fiver works the same way with Upwork and Freelancers.

The con with fiver is that many proofreaders here fix their price at $5. So, it takes some effort to fix better prices and earn more.

Fiver pays you through PayPal, bank transfer or Direct deposit.

ProofRead Now

If you are looking for where to find proofreading jobs, the ProofreadNow is one of the most thorough of them with a good TrustPilot rating.

You must be an expert and a native speaker of your proofreading language to qualify for their proofreading job. And that’s not all. You have to take and pass their proofreading tests.

Their proofreading job vacancies are only open occasionally, but you can sign up for their employment email to be notified.


Kibin is a good sites where you can find remote jobs as an editor.

They don’t have usually have their job positions open the year-round but don’t forget to check their site once in while – in case.


Gramlee doesn’t have specific requirements on their site, hence are good to apply even with no experience – so far as you are good with English.

If you want to make money as a proofreader, then this site also is worth checking out.

Book Editing

Book Editing proofreader jobs is only open to native English speakers living in the US.

But there is a plus: You don’t have to be an expert to stand a chance. In fact, many of their writers have a wide range of interest like science fictions, memoir, journalism, etc.

Many of their writers contribute top online publications, so you will be in great company if you are approved.


Yes, Peopleperhour is a gig site you most probably have heard of. They have over 2 million users.

You can apply for different kinds of jobs on this site, including online proofreading with no experience.

Peopleperhour pays via Payoneer, Paypal or bank transfer.


Scribbr is a site that help students to edit their academic papers and thesis. So, it is understandable that their first requirements is a minimum of a college degree.

Secondly, you must be familiar with both the United States and the United Kingdoms’ use of English.

If you meet those two requirements, then you stand a really great chance.

Scribe Media

Do you still need one more site to find online proofreading and editing jobs? Then check out Scribe Media.

Scribe Media is a site that helps prospective authors write their books. Besides that, they also help people have books to their name without having to write.

So where do you come in?.

Your only job is proofread, edit or help people to write completely from scratch. Check out their site to apply.

Final thoughts

Remote proofreading job is good side hustle to increase your monthly income streams.

Have you tried any of these sites?