9 Ways To Find House Sitting Jobs And Make Good Money

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Are you a travel junkie? Then this is for you. You probably know some of the perks that come with it already, like meeting awesome new peeps, new cultures, cuisines plus some more funs.

But what if you could get a comfy free lodge save up to $3,500 on accommodation for a month long vacation and also make some money on the side?

How To Make Money With House sitting job When You Travel

What do you do as a house sitter?

A house sitter is someone who helps to take care of the home for a duration of time when the house owner is not around. So, as a house sitter, here are some tasks you would likely be doing:

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  • Keeping the home clean
  • Caring for the pet
  • Taking care of the garden
  • Monitoring ongoing projects in the home for the owner – plus some other stuff

But don’t forget, your role depends on the agreement you have with the homeowner before you take up the job.

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What Other Benefits?

Free stay, free sofa, and free launch box. Yea, some jokes in there.

But if you are a travel rookie, the first thing you’d probably think of is where to lodge. I agree; its not something to worry about if you’ve got a couple of friends living where you’re traveling to. Right?

What if you don’t? Well, you will either lodge in a hotel or go for Airbnb. Good options, but a hotel booking will probably cost you $127 or more for a night – and up to $1,778 for 2 weeks vacation.

What if you could have the best of both worlds?

Get a free lodge on your trip and also make money on the side. That is where house sitting on your vacation comes in.

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How much can you make as a house sitter?

Some house sitting jobs also pay you money plus free lodge while others only offer you free lodge. For the paying house sitting jobs, your pay will mostly depend on the city and your duration of stay.

But you will still be saving up to $127 a day on accommodation ($3,900/M) even when the home owners only offer you free lodge.

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Indeed House sitting Jobs

Indeed is a top job posting site. You can find different types of jobs listed on the sites including house sitting and pet sitting jobs.

Some house sitting jobs on Indeed pay up to $20 plus per hour. But the payment also depends on the job details.

Your job details can include things like duration of stay, location and if the home owner also has pets.

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Caretaker Gazette

CareTaker.org is a top property company with wide coverage across the US. They publish thousands of paid house sitting jobs a year through their newsletter.

So, you will have to subscribe to their newsletter. Once you do that, you’ll be receiving paid house sitting job postings into your inbox twice a month.

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If you will be taking a vacation to France any time soon, then you should check out Nomador. Most house sitting jobs featured on this site are in France.

You can send up to 2 or 3 housesitting applications for free just by signing up. Once you exceed that, you’ll have to pay to continue.

HouseSit Match

House sit match is one of the top house sitting job sites on this list. They also feature house sitting jobs from different countries of the world – most importantly Europe, Uk, and the United States.

Some homeowners only give you free lodge in exchange for taking care of the home sitting job.

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Housecarers feature house sitting jobs only in the US and Australia.

To apply for house sitting jobs, You ‘ll need to sign up for $50/year on their site.

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Luxury House Sitting

Luxury House Sitting features house sitting jobs from countries of Europe, Uk, United States and some parts of Asia.

One major perk of Luxury House Sitting is you have a good chance of getting some really lush accommodation with some bucks to go with it.


TustedHouseSitters is one of the leading house sitting jobs. They also have wide coverage.

Yea, TrustedHouseSitters feature house sitting jobs from different parts of US, Canada, Europe, and the Uk. But, you will have to pay $119 sign up.


MindMyHouse is one of the newest entries on House sitting job niche. They have less jobs featured compared to some of the big sites on this list, but you will only pay just $20 a year, so it’s worth trying.

MindMyHouse features house sitting jobs in the US and some countries of Europe.

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