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Do you want to know how I grew traffic to one of my blogs by 1040.88% just in 2 months? Cool!

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From the blog

3 Apps That Pay You To Walk - Getting Paid To Walk And Keep Fit

What if you could make an extra decent money just walking out?

Yes, you won't become a millionaire just doing this, but you're keeping fit, staying health and then you get money thrown in your pocket. So, it's a win.

How much can you make?

It depends on what programs you join, and how active you are. But, you can make an extra $2000 / M if you're active with these 3 apps.

Ready? Here are 3 best ways to make money keeping fit…


If you want to slim down, control your diet, exercise and lose a couple of pounds, why do it for free when you can win up to $10,000?

How does HealthyWage work and How Much Can You Really Make?

HealthyWage encourages you to keep fit and healthy. So they pay you for everything you do to keep fit, like monitoring your diet, exercising and walking.

But how do they do that?

1. Healthy Challenge: What this means is that you come up with a weight loss goal, specify the time frame you want to achieve it, put some money and other users join in.

If you work and beat your goal, you win it all. You can make $500 plus on a single goal. The more challenging your weight loss goal, the more money you will make.

2. Group Challenge: For a group challenge, you will have to join a group of other users on HealthyWage to sponsor a common weight loss challenge.

You contribute $25 to sponsor a challenge and you can win a whole grand prize of $10,000 if you beat the challenge goal.

But then, since every member of the challenge would be working to beat the goal, your goal is to work really hard. And yes, you can be $10,000 richer if you beat it.

Income Potential

  • Healthy Challenge: $500 plus (On Beating your goal)
  • Group Challenge: $10,000 plus (On Winning)

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Doordash is a food delivery company that pays you for picking up orders from nearby restaurants and delivering to customers.

The only step to make money on Doordash is to sign up. Once that is done, you can start getting customer orders to pick up and deliver.

How you deliver a customer order is actually your choice. You can do that with a car, a bicycle or even on feet for a couple of nearby deliveries.

But with a bicycle, you will be exercising and keeping fit, and also making decent income monthly.

How much can you make on Doordash?

Most Doordash drivers complete up to 3 deliveries per hour with each delivery paying about $9.

So, for just one hour a day on Doordash, you can make up to $27 dollars daily and about $1,000 extra income monthly.

Income Potential

Up to $1,300/m plus


If you have some free time especially during the weekend, then don’t forget the Peoplewalker.

PeopleWalker won't make you as much money as Doordash and HealthWage, but it can make you a couple hundred extra bucks jogging on the weekends.

How Does PeopleWalker Work?

You know there are peeps out there who to keep fit but can't stick to a weekly walkout schedule, right?

So, here's the idea. PeopleWalker help their users stick to walkout schedules by linking them with registered walking partners.

The charge for a walk is $7 per mile and that averages about $21 per hour.

So, How Do You Make The Money?

To make money on PeopleWalker, you will need to register as a Walker. After that, they can start linking you with those who need walking partners

How Much Can You Make On PeopleWalker?

Income Potential: About $100 plus (You have to be an active walker ). How much you make per month on PeopleWalker has to do with how many walks you complete for the said month.

If you an active walker, then it's a really fun way to make a couple of hundreds of extra bucks.