How to Sell Used Stuff Online For Extra Income

Do you often wonder what lies the fate of those old TVs, used CDs or laptops – in fact, all of our unused items?

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I know, they mostly get burned or thrown into the bin. Bye bye to the good old stuff! But, the truth is, that’s not the best way to get rid of them.

You can just dispose those supposed “junks” to the peeps that need them, and you also make some good income. It’s a more frugal and better way to Declutter your home. But how do you go about it?

By carrying lugging the old fridge on your shoulder looking for a buyer on the street? No! And You don’t even need to hire someone to sell used stuff online.

That’s where Decluttr comes in.

Decluttr is a site that helps you to keep your home clean by selling used items for cash.

Here’s how it works:

You get get rid of some items that clog up the rooms, sell them off and you get paid.

You can sell so many things on Decluttr: laptops, used phones, old game consoles, used CDS and or even books.

It’s a double win. You dispose of the used junks, clean out your room and make money online doing it.

Decluttr is a well known company with a good rating on Trust pilot: 9.1/10

How do you sell your old stuff on Decluttr?

To sell any of your used CDs or Books on Decluttr, you just need to enter your item barcode and click Add.

If you’re selling an electronic item, you’ll just have to select the type and the model. After clicking Add, you’ll see the price quote for the item.

If you’re okay with the price, they’d send you a shipping label so you can drop the item at a UPS store close to you.

That’s really all you need to ship the item to them. Decluttr will take care of the rest.

But take note, the total price of the items you’ll be selling must be more than $5. Once the shipment is confirmed, you will receive your payment the next day.

What are Decluttr’s payment methods?

Decluttr has three different payment methods. You can receive your money via Check, direct deposit or Paypal. So, it depends on your choice.

How do you start making money on line with Decluttr?

To dispose of your used items and make money online with Decluttr, the first step is to sign up on their site.

After that, you can enter your items’ barcode and see the how much they want to buy it. If you’re okay with the price, you continue and you’ll be paid for those used items.

Final thoughts!

What do you think about your old and used stuff? Would you rather keep them, burn them or sell them off and make some of the money back?

Have you tried Delcuttr before and what was your experience?

Have you tried Decluttr before? Please let me know about your experience in the comment.

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