I need money today for free – 11 Ways to get money

I was doing some research a couple of days ago, and I noticed that people have been searching for I need money today for free?

That knocked the cake off my hands.

But, here’s the truth is: You can make money for free – and even today.

But there is another truth: You won’t see a Santa at the back of your PC screen dolling out the dough.

Here’s what I mean:

You will still do a couple of things for the money. But, of course, it may just be those easy peasy stuff like taking surveys, reading emails, or getting paid to walk. Right?

But there is another issue: Those easy stuff won’t make you much money. So I will be giving you some other ways to make even more money – with a bit of work though.

Ready? Here we go.

1. Swagbucks

i need money today for free swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best sites that pay you to do some of the things you do free online.

Some of the things you can do to make money with Swagbucks include:

  • Taking surveys and polls
  • Watching short video clips

Swagbucks will also give you money back when you shop at your favorite online stores. 

You will be able to get cashback at over 2000 stores, including Amazon, Target, eBay, etc.

I need money today for free? Great, you can start making money instantly when you sign up on Swagbucks.


  • Gift card, Paypal

Sign up for Swagbucks here.

$10 today for free on Rakuten

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is a money making app you need to check out to make money today free. 

Like Swagbucks cashback, Rakuten pays you money when you shop at any of their over 2,500 partner stores online.

And something interesting: You can get up to 40% money back just for shopping the same way you do at your favorite online store.

Now, the only thing you will have to do differently is to open the Rakuten app and search for your favorite store right from the Rakuten app.

Now, do your shopping the same way you ‘ve always done, and you will receive your cashback reward.

What’s more, you can also get a $10 bonus from Rakuten today for free. 

To claim your $10 bonus, sign up for Rakuten and shop for any item worth $25 or more at your favorite store from the Rakuten app.


  • Check and Paypal

3. WikiBuy

Wikibuy is a cool app that will help you save big money when you shop online or at a local store.

Now, you probably want to know how much you can save on your groceries shopping with Wikibuy?

You can get up to a 15% price cut or more on Groceries using Wikibuy. Of course, it also depends on what you buy and the stores.

But, let’s do the math for a 5% price cut.

So, if you usually shop for $1,000 worth of groceries a month. With a 5% discount, you will be saving $50. 

And in one year, that’s a cool $600 back into your pocket.

Yes, don’t forget: Money saved = money earned.

Wikibuy has over 3,000,000 users and supports nearly all the big online stores like Walmart, Amazons, Groupon, eBay, Lulu, and over 1,000 other stores.

To get started, you can download the app here and sign up. It only takes a few seconds.

Payment method.

  • Wikibuy gives you gift card equivalents of your earnings. See how to sell gift cards for cash here.

4. OpinionInn

Can you spend a couple of minutes a day to share your opinion about some of the products you use? Then here’s another way to make money today free.

The main aim is to let these brands how consumers fee about their products and if there is something they need to improve on.

But, of course, your time also matters to you. Right? So OpinionInn will pay you for each survey.

Now, how much you make for each survey will depend on the survey requirement and how long it takes to complete.

To start making money today on OpinionInn, go over to the site here and sign up. After that, you can now receive paid surveys and make money.


  • Paypal

Sign up on OpinionInn and get $10 free bonus

5. EarnTalkTime

I need money today for free? Check out the Earntalktime app.

Some easy ways to make money with this app are taking surveys or watching videos.

Earntalktime will also give you unlimited rewards for every friend or relative you refer to the app.

To get started, go over to their site and enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a download link on your phone. Click on the link and download the app.

To make money, open the app, and complete any of the offers you see. Next, click on your earn talk time wallet, and you will see your earnings.


  • You can redeem your earnings for shopping vouchers.
  • You can also redeem your earnings for free calls or free SMS messages.

6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars will pay you to watch short video clips, take surveys or polls, browse the internet, and even give you money back when you shop online.

What’s more, InboxDollars pays real good for surveys. Some surveys can even earn you as much as $20. But, of course, keep in mind that high paying surveys will also take you more time to complete.

But there is still a better way to make even more money on InboxDollars:

Receive up to 18% money back when you shop at any of your favorite online stores.

InboxDollars supports up to 18,000 online stores where they give you money back for your shopping – including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, and all.

What’s more, this site will also give you a $5 bonus immediately you sign up.


Check, gift cards, and Visa prepaid.

Claim your money back on price drops

7. Paribus

You have probably bought somethings on many occasions and noticed that the price eventually drops.

In such cases, you can claim back your refund. But here is the issue: With so many purchases, you most likely won’t be able to track price drops for them all.

That’s where Paribus comes in. This app handles all that by monitoring your purchase history for price drops.

Now, when there is a price drop, the app automatically goes after the brand and help you get back your refund. 

And you don’t have to stress yourself because the process is on autopilot. All you have to do is to download the app and permit it to claim your refund.

Download the Paribus app here.


  • Paypal

Money today free when you at a physical mall

8. Ibotta

Ibotta will pay you free money when you shop at a local shopping mall.

And you don’t have to do anything special to get money free today on Ibotta.

Just walk into any of their partner stores and do your shopping just the same way you have always done. 

Don’t forget to search inside the app for their partner stores in your area.

To claim your money back, make sure you snap and upload the receipt of your purchase and your cashback will be added to your Ibotta account.

Besides that, you will also get money back when you do your purchase online just the same way Swagbucks does.

Ibotta supports nearly all major stores, including Instacart, Amazon, Walmart, GrubHub, Dominos, etc.

What’s more, you can get $20 today just for signing up on Ibotta.


  • Paypal, Venmo and Gift card

9. Instacart

Do you love shopping? Then you can start making money from today with Instacart.

Instacart is an app that pays you to shop groceries for people and deliver at their doorsteps. But that’s for some pay.

Talking of how much you can make, you can earn as much as $13 per hour just shopping for people on Instacart – plus tips from Instacart users.

But keep in mind that you may earn even more or maybe a bit less.

To start earning money today on Instacart, first off, go over to their site and sign up. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Next, you will be getting customer shopping orders from Instacart. Do the shopping and deliver to the customer, and Instacart will pay you the same day.

Payment method

  • Bank deposits

Sign up for Instacart here.

10. Airbnb

I need money today for free? Don’t forget to check out Airbnb.

Do you have an extra room in your house that you can put up for short stay visitors? You can make money free with Airbnb.

I used the word free in the sense that you don’t have to do much to make money. All you have to do is sign up on the site and list your room.

Some rooms on Airbnb even earn up to $50. But how much you make will, of course, will also depend on your location.


  • Direct deposit

I need money today for free – Get free cash by negotiating your bills.

11. TRIM

Did you know you can get free cash by reducing your bills? Yes, check out TRIM.

The TRIM money-making app will help you make money in two ways:

  • Stop unused subscriptions that are still draining your pocket.
  • Negotiate your bills and helps you push for price reductions.

This app does everything to ensure that you spend less money on your bills. So the less money you spend, the more money you make. Right?

Sign up for TRIM here.

Receive money back when you dine out with Dosh app

Dosh is an app that gives you money back when you shop or eat out.

With Dosh, you will get up to 10% cashback when you shop or eat at any of their supported stores or restaurants.

What’s more, Dosh supports more than 1000 stores and restaurants to give you refunds. Some of the top stores supported by Dosh are Dominos, Uber, Instacart, etc.

On top of that, Dosh will also give you $5 when you refer a friend or relative to their app.

Payment methods

  • Paypal and Bank deposits.

12. Doordash

Are you okay with a food delivery job, and you can spare just 1 hour time a day? Then you can make good money with Doordash.

Doordash is an app that pays you to pick up customer orders from restaurants and deliver to their doorstep.

Talking about salary, you can make up to $13.7 per hour on Doordash.

But keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old. And fortunately, you don’t even need a car. A bike or even a bicycle is okay.

Read more on Doordash review here.


  • Bank deposits.

Sign up for Doordash here.