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Free PDF - How I Grew My Blog Traffic by 1040.88% in 2 Months

Do you want to know how I grew traffic to one of my blogs by 1040.88% just in 2 months? Cool!

I've detailed the step by step actions in a short and precise PDF

What you'll learn:

  • Why you can't possibly write on just any topic
  • How to stop writing on topics that generate no traffic
  • How to steal your competitors and beat them to their coins
  • How to give your competitors the kick and steal their traffic

From The Blog

From the blog

How I Increased My Blog Traffic by 1040.88% in 30 days

If you're a blogger, then you know already know that to make money from your blog, you need the traffic. Here's the golden rule of blogging:

Targeted Traffic = Bucks.

Now, I increaseed my Google traffic on one of my blogs [ not this one ] from 844 visitors in October to 9629 visits in December - Yes, in just 2 months.

Here's the Google analytics screenshot. Now, that's a 1040.88% traffic increase - just in two months.

But how did I do it? Simple: SEMRUSH.

In this post, I will show you the step by step, every thing I did to accomplish that goal. Here we go...

Step 1: Know Your Blog's Domain score and Trust Score

One of the first mistakes I see new bloggers making is writing blog posts on keywords they cannot rank for. That's a pure know!

This is why: Google has graded all the blogs in its index and allotted scores for each blog or site. SEMRUSH calls it Domain score.

What does it mean?

  • The higher the score for a given site, the higher its potential to rank for its targeted keywords
  • It's a lot easy to rank for a keyword when the sites that are presently ranking for it have less Domain scores than yours. Also, it's difficult to outrank sites or blogs whose domain scores and trust scores exceed your own sites by a wide margin

You should only write a blog post on a keyword or topic – only you if your site's domain score or trust score is higher than or very close to those of the sites that currently rank on the first page for the keyword.

How do you know you blog's domain score?

The first step is to install SEOQUAKE on your browser.

It's a free browser extension from SEMRUSH that tells you the:
  • i. Domain scores of all the sites that are presently ranking for the keyword.
  • ii. The number of backlinks
  • 111. The page scores etc.

Installation is super simple and it takes just a couple of seconds. Click on this link to install SEOQUAKE on your browser.

Step 3: Create a list of competitor blogs that you CAN outrank

These are blogs that receive good search traffic from Google with less Domain Scores and Trust scores than your blog.

Finding such blogs and creating the list is super easy with your already installed SEOQUAKE. Here's how:
  • Enter any topic or keyword that relates to your blog niche in Google searchbar. I entered "How to bake cake"

  • Scroll through the search result and look for blogs in the result fields whose Domain scores and Trust Scores are less than or close to your blog's Domain score and Trust Score.

    Let's say your blog's Domain score is 15 and Trust Score 13, then these are the blogs that will make it into your list.

Finally, Create a Google spreadsheet and fill in a list of blogs with less domain authorities than yours. You can start with about 20 list of blogs.

Now, If each of the blogs on our list receives at least 5,000 monthly search visitors, you know what that means - A traffic spike on your own blog.

Step 4. Hijack the Traffic of the blogs in your list.
The final steps is to hijack the traffics to the blogs on your list.

  • Start with the first blog in your list. Enter its domain name into SEMRUSH. Here's what you have.

  • To know the top keywords that drive the Google search traffic to the site in question, you need to scroll down to the keyword analysis.

  • Click on .... to see all the top keywords that bring traffic to the competitor's blog you are targeting. With a free SEMRUSH account, you can get up to 10 top ranking keywords for each competitor domain.

My sign up link will give you access to a free 14 days unlimited and full access to SEMRUSH. You can easily sign up with this link.

  • You can export the keywords to a spreadsheet by clicking on the "Export" key at the right hand corner of the page. Alternatively, you can just copy and paste the keyboard and save it as any text document on your PC.

Step 6: Write a more compelling blog post on each keyword

The next and final step is to create a more compelling blog post on each of the keywords.

In order to win your competitor's audience, your blog post must beat the competitor's post in terms of quality and depth of content.

A simple approach is to enter those keywords into Google, check out the top ranking posts and write something more in depths, detailed and more quality.

Repeat the process for all the blogs in your list.

And BOooooooM!

Following this simple procedure, I increased my search traffic from 844 visitors in October to 9629 visitors in December. So simple!

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