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Free PDF - How I Grew My Blog Traffic by 1040.88% in 2 Months

Do you want to know how I grew traffic to one of my blogs by 1040.88% just in 2 months? Cool!

I've detailed the step by step actions in a short and precise PDF

What you'll learn:

  • Why you can't possibly write on just any topic
  • How to stop writing on topics that generate no traffic
  • How to steal your competitors and beat them to their coins
  • How to give your competitors the kick and steal their traffic

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From the blog

Hire Me

So, you want to grow your blog and make it a profitable business?


I put up this page for you. So, here's what I can do for you!

New Blog SetUp and Design

I will set up a full-featured wordpress blog for you.

No, that's not all!

I know you want to make money from your blog. Oh bucks!

Why not? So, don't worry!

So, here's the cake [ bonus ]: I will find profitable Niche ideas for you, so you can easily concentrate on what matters and easily make money from your blog in no time.

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Full Blog Audit

Oh yes!

Your blog has been giving you some aches?

No income, no traffic and you don't know who stole your cake -  I joke

Here's what I will do to help...

A full analysis on your blog blog and I will send you a custom report with a 3 month support on how to:

  • Drive a massive traffic to your blog
  • Make money from your blog and turning to a full-time business

That's not all, you will have full and unrestricted access to my Email support during the course of the 2 Months.

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Pinterest Pin Designs

Pinterest should be your baeu! Okay, I know Google is great, but it's not a quick traffic source!

So, for a newly set up blog, Pinterest is your bet for a good traffic.

But, to see good results, you need great pins?

In case you want me to help with your pin design, I will surely do that!

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Article or Blog Writing

Are you too busy coming up with regular contents for your blog?

Yup, then you be my boss!

I do not claim to be the best writer, but I have a couple experience in copywriting.

Not just that, I've been published on some of the top blogs. So, you can trust me your blog contents.

Presently, I only charge $25 for 500 words.

It's my job to take care of the formatting and editing and also to present you a ready to publish a post.

Please note, that I won't find images for your post.

You want me to include an image with your post?

Please throw some bucks into my wallet.

Ready to hire me as your freelance writer or blog content manager?

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