Scrap Yard Near Me: 10 Tips To Earn Well From Scrap Metals

scrap metal yards near me

Do you have many metal scraps lying around? I will show you how to turn them to earn extra cash today. But, where do I find a scrap yard near me? Good, this post is for you.

If you only want to get rid of the scraps and you are not looking to make extra big income doing this, you can just use the tool below. But if you are looking to earn big with this, then stick around and read the details. And you know what? This is a business that you can start with no money.

What scrap yards are open close to me today?

SCRAP YARD NEAR ME – A Detailed Guide On How To Sell Scrap Metals For Money

What kinds of metals can you sell at a scrap yard?

You can sell different kinds of metals to a local junkyard dealer near you. Most of the metals lying around in your home can be recycled, hence you can easily find a local scrap dealer to dispose of them.

Here are some examples of scrap metals you likely have in the house right now:

  • Do you have any of these lying around as junks?
  • Old laptops
  • PC towers
  • Bicycle parts
  • Stainless plates and cutleries
  • Aluminium pots
  • Damaged Fan
  • Copper pipe

Identify the kind of metal scraps you want to sell

There are different types of metals scraps. 99% of the time, the junk metals you have lying around at home are made of these materials:

  • What kind of materials are scrap metals made of?
  • Iron
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Zinc
  • Lead

These metals have different industrial uses and they sell at different prices.

See this list for a quick estimate of national average price per pound for different metals.

Metal Type National Average Price
Copper $1.52/lb
Aluminium $0.2/lb
Brass $0.8/lb
Stainless Steel $0.2/lb
Steel $80/ton

Like any other metals, the national average price also fluctuates – but, you can always check the daily updated national average prices here.

But remember: what a local scrap yard near you will offer can be a bit less or more.

What are the common household junk items can you sell?

You can sell basically any household item that contains metal or is made of metals. You won’t even have to try hard since many old junk items contain metals.

For example, if you have any of these old items lying around as junks, you can easily scrap them to any local scrap buyers near you.

  • Aluminum Pots and Pans
  • Brass Faucets
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Copper Pipes and wires
  • Electric Fans
  • Old Christmas lights
  • Mini-Transformers
  • Laptops and CPUs
  • Lawn Chair
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Old Appliances
  • Old bicycles and motorcycles
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Abandoned Boats

What are the national average for different house old items?

Check out the list of National average price for different metal scraps below.

Scrap Metals National Average Price (per lbs)
Bare bright copper wire $1.65/lb
Insulated copper wire $0.35/lb
Aluminium cans $0.28/lb
Aluminium rims $0.34/lb
Computer hard drives $0.30/lb
Old car batteries $0.20/lb

Estimating Prices for common house old scraps?

Using the national average prices for different scrap metals, you can have a quick idea of how much your scrap metals are worth.

You don’t want to do the math? Here’s a quick estimate:

Houseold Items Average Weight Estimated Price
Refrigerator 180 – 350 pounds $18 – $3.5
PC Tower 25 – 27 pounds $2.75 – $2.97
Computer Hardrive 1.5 pounds $0.45
Dryers 150 – 200 pounds $15 – $20
Washing mach 150 – 200 pounds $15 – $20
Microwave oven 30 – 50 pounds $3.6 – $6
Old car battery 40 – 60 pounds $8 – $12
Abandoned car 2871 pounds $102

How can you make more money selling Unused Metal Scraps?

Yes, a few scrap metal materials can earn some bucks. Good that you are keeping the planet clean- and getting some cash on the side.

But there are things you can do to earn even better.

1. Sell in bulk

The more metal scraps you sell, the more money you can make. Right?

Besides that, selling in bulks means you are in a better position to negotiate with the scrap metal buyer for a higher price deal.

Of course, you can only sell as many metal scraps you have lying around in your home. So, what do you do? See the next two points.

2. Ask neighbours

An easy and effective strategy to gather more scrap metal materials is to ask your neighbors.

To be honest, many people won’t mind gathering their old metal scraps for you. Think of it, you are basically helping them to dispose of the junks. Isn’t it?

Yea, you will also get a few curious looks – but don’t worry, the worst reply you will get is a “No”.

But you have better chances:

Some people will likely negotiate a price cut with you while many will simply gather the scraps for you to pack.

3. Get free scrap metals from Craiglist

Another way to find free scrap metals to sell in bulk is by going to Craiglist.

Craiglist is a site where millions of users post items for sale at very cheap prices.

But that doesn’t mean all the items on Craiglist come with a price.

I have seen users post items on Craiglist for free just to get rid of scraps and free up space.

Sort Your Scrap Metals Based on Their Materials

Do you know the quickest way to sell your scrap metals cheap?

Pack them together and sell them like they are same materials.

No, they are not!

Copper and lead are more expensive than Aluminium, iron and steel.

Worst still? The scrap dealers won’t tell you that. Why would he? You are basically throwing more money into his pocket.

You don’t want that. Sorting your scrap metals apart and sell them differently based on their materials.

Compare Prices with Different Scrap Yard Dealers

To get the best money for your scrap metals, try as many buyers as you can find near you. And there are reasons for that:

Price quotes vary from one scrap metals buyer to the other. So you may just sell your metals too cheap if you don’t compare prices with other buyers.

Some scrap buyers may also offer more favorable deals for large loads – especially helping you with a truck.

Be Aware Of Local Scrap Metal Laws

Most states have scrap metal laws to regulate the buying and scrapping of junk metals.

For example, scrap yards are expected to take snapshots of items they buy – in case for future references.

Some states may also require you to leave your signatures, fingerprints, and photocopy of ID at the scrap yard.

No need to worry. The laws are only to ensure that the scrappers are the real owners of items they sell to scrap yards.

You can also learn more on regulation for your specific state here

How To Move Your Metal Scraps ToThe Yard

If you only have a few metal junks to scrap for money, then you can transport them in your car. For large or heavy metal scrap, you need a truck.

So what if you don’t have a truck? There are ways to go about it:

Burrow: If you have a friend or relative that has a truck you can borrow, then it’s the best option to maximize your profit.

Of course, when you borrow someone’s truck you will have to fill in the fuel.

You also need some cautions when loading or unloading the metals to avoid damaging someone’s vehicle and incurring extra expenses.

Negotiate with a local buyer: So, you don’t have a truck and you are not chanced to borrow? There’s one more thing: Negotiate.

Many scrap buyers would be eager to help you with trucks if you have a large load of junk metals to sell.

How Can I find Scrap metal yards near me?

To find scrap metal buyers close to your area is easy. All you need is the good Old Google. To do that, go to Google and search “scrap metal yard buyers near me”.

You can also use the “Find the closest scrap yard” tool at the top of this post. It takes you to a Google Map page with addresses of scrap metal yards in your area.

Final thoughts on metal scrap yards nearby

Have you sold scrap metals before, or do you have some around the home that you are considering now?

Finally, are you even looking to making this a big business?