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From The Blog

From the blog

7 Ways to tell If you're Spending too Much on Food Already

I know there's no ‘one size fits all’ budget on grocery for every family.

 But, I bet you’re probably spending too much already. If you say no, then read this!


Here we go! Please answer these 7 questions:

1. How much do you spend on home food or outdoor food?

I agree that it's a piece of candy to walk into a restaurant and make a pick of your favorite Fried Crispy brussels.

But, how it affects our finance is what we probably don't think much about.

See this:

An average American spent $3008 on restaurant meals in 2015 alone.

Of course, that’s more than what many peeps earn from their jobs in a single month.

So, what does it mean?

  • Restaurant meals are way more expensive food than indoor meals.
  • You can probably save up an extra $2000 a year just by reducing restaurant meals by two-third a week.


Now, if you can.identify with that, you probably know the obvious already:

It's time to cut the cost on your Crispy Brussels.

2. Do you spend too much on food compared to other expenses?

We all spend a good portion of our monthly income on food compared to other expenses.


Because, it’s the age-long necessity. I agree!

But, then, there’s always the word “too much”. So, how do you know when you buy too much food stuffs or groceries?

You can do that by comparing your monthly groceries bills to other basic expenses.

Any steep difference?

Then you must have picked up every sachet item on a shopping binge.

So, it's time to cut it!

3. Does your bin has more items than your freezer?

See this quote:

“Bins don’t lie. Your trashcan will tell the kind of peep you’re”

In many cases, you can spot a wasteful spender by peeping into his trash can.


If you buy more foodstuff than you you can preserve, then you’ve no choice, but to dump them in your trashcan.

Can you relate with that? Then...

  • Then, you probably don't need as much foodstuff as you buy.
  • You already spending most of your hard earned income on Zeros.

So, it's time to cut the costs!

4. Do you always want to cut the cost by going the bulk?

Yes, I'm talking about perishable foodstuffs.

Here's a scenario:

You go to the market to get some veggies for just yourself and your spouse. But the seller comes with a gimmick:

"Why don't you buy more and pay less!"

It's an attractive offer. But, is it a smart choice?

I don't think so. In fact, it's like trying to kill a mosquito by punching your chin.

You want to save money - but you end up loosing more money!

This is what I mean:

If you cut some bucks purchasing more kilos of tomatoes than you need, then more kilos of tomatoes will probably end up in your trash can and you lose MORE bucks!

5. Every 'Tom Dasher' know your first Name

It's easy to go the convenience route:

Lay off your stove
sit on your couch
Swipe on your Android screen for your pizzas.

It's way more convenient...

But, it’s not about convenience. Right?

So, the point is how does it affect your monthly expenditure or is it even worth it?

I recently read a report on Forbes that states that food delivery sales can increase to $365 billion from $35 billion before 2030.

And yes, that money is to come from us all...

Now, before I come across as holding a biased view. I know ordering for food online has its own advantages:

It’s a convenient choice.
Saves your time
Let's you focus on other stuffs
More time and less stress may mean more productivity at work.

But, here’s the point: if your goal is to save money, then it’s a NO.

Now, if that ‘Tom Dasher’ already knows your surname, then you’re spending way too much on food already.

5. Are you shy and way too generous?

I think Group dining at a restaurant is so much fun.

I also believe it's more fun to give someone an unexpected treat once in a while.

But, notice the words "someone" and "unexpected".

Now, occasionally some peeps would want to push the bills on your wallet.


For me, I won’t pay a friend’s bill because I feel ‘obliged’ or ‘generous’.

I will only do so if you choose to.

But if you do, then you probably need to estimate how much money it draws from your wallet each month.

But, don’t forget:

A Restaurant table is not a stage for “We are the world”.

In fact, it makes more sense to sing “Every man for himself”

6. Do you fancy being a Club Nomad?

Do you believe the weekend clubbing is the haven to ease off the week-long work stress?

Although I don’t, but I will choose to be objective.

So, the point is how much money can you spend on food clubbing?

I saw an interesting report on business insider:

An average party goer spends $81 on a night out.

Do you?

Now, if you go clubbing every couple days for a year long, it doesn't seem like a small sum.

So, I think It's probably one of the things to check if you’re missing some bucks.

7. Do you save your changes with Restaurant attendants?

Here's a phrase I'm always curious about each time I go pick up a stuff at a mall.

"Keep the change"

I'd first skim the face of the attendant being told to keep the change and then quickly, the smile on the face of the giver.

In many cases, the attendant's smile always seem more sincere to me!

Why not?

But the other guy only chose to forgo the change because there was none - and he was made to believe his change was a penny.

But it’s not about how big it is... really!

I believe its my bucks, even if a quarter of a cent, and I don't have to forgo it, if I don't want to, then fake a "nice smile" and call myself a "sorry guy" way home.


Secondly, If you leave every "small" change in every mall, then you can't possibly track your spending after all!

So, leave it only if you want to - but please, not because it "seems small".

Final Thoughts

Restaurants, Parties, online deliveries and - even trash cans are stealing money from our purses.

Here’s why:

We spend too much on groceries and never cared to track our finances - most importantly, when it comes to food.

What do you think?


From the blog