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From the blog

10 Ways to make money from Google Adsense without a website

how to make money from google Adsense

Is it possible to make money from Google Adsense without having a website?

Yes, it is.

Now, you don't need to have a website in order to make money from Google Adsense, someone else will do that, but you will be making some money with your contents. Sounds great?

1. Google Adsense with Howhub

The initial income commission is 50% of your Adsense income. But that is not the ultimate limit.

Howhub operates on a networking model. A publisher can refer some other publishers. When you refer more publishers, the percentage of your commission will increase.

2. Youtube

Youtube currently has 1.5 billion monthly users in the world which makes it the second biggest search engine on the internet apart from Google.

If you do enjoy making some videos, no doubt you will love to make some nice bucks on your video contents.

Youtube provides a platform for making Adsense income from the video contents that you create. When someone clicks on the Ad displayed for your video, Google drops some cash in your Account.

3.Adsense income streams with Hubpages

Hubpages recently acquired Squidoo which happened to be one of the top content sharing sites on the internet. That single move has made HubPages one the biggest content hubs.

It is nice to know that this robust platform affords you the opportunity to make some cool funds from your contents. A number of publishers with really good contents make a few thousand dollars from their contents on this platform.

Nevertheless, to make money from Adsense using Hubpages, your article must be of a reasonable quality level. Poor quality contents will be pushed to the dark recesses of the site where they are not accessible to search engines.

4. Tirond

Tirond is a nice place to share your articles and make some bucks. Tirond currently has huge unique visitors which makes it a nice addition to this page.

Get My New Printable Catoon Guide Budget Planner - FREE

5. Don't forget Simpy

Simpy is another content sharing hub that can get you some bucks for your contents. All you need to do is register, add contents and place your Adsense id.

Your ad campaigns will be loaded along with your content and your account will be credited with every click.

6. Blackhatworld

If are some SEO junk, you probably spend some time on this forum already.

Am not really sure may be you are aware that you can make money from Adsense as well with your contents hosted on this forum.

7. Get Your Adsense ID on InfoBarrel

The name sounds just as it is. A place for sharing informational contents.

As a publisher, this is a site where you need to check out if you want to monetize your contents with Adsense without having to worry about the details of having to maintain your own sites.

8. Fikya

Fikya is an intermediate platform between publishers and video content platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and the rest.

You can conveniently make money with Adsense here by including your youtube or even Facebook videos and Adsense id. The more traffic your uploaded video gathers, the more your income.

Your own share of the generated revenue is 50%.

9. Shetoldme is another site where you can earn some income without having a bit of knowledge as regards running a site of your own – Yes.. without a single website.

Having to manage a site, building traffic and popularity or going on the hunt for links doesn't really sound like your thing. Then, you need to check out this site to make money from your Google Adsense ID.

The whole process is simple: Register on the site, start writing some contents, add your Adsense id, get some clicks and then you see Google thrown some bucks into your pocket.

10. Make money without a website – Senserly

Senserley makes the whole Adsense monetization a bit easy. Register on the site and start fielding your good contents. Add your Google Adsense id to every content you create on the site.

That's it, you get paid for every valid click on your placed ads. Sounds really cool.

Conclusion If you have been wondering whether there is a possibility of making some money with Google Adsense accounts without having to host your own website, there you have it.

It is not only possible Adsense income without a website, it is also really easy.

Nevertheless, I need to emphasize that your contents must be good though for your readers. Some of the sites on the list have a set of algorithms that filter out poor quality contents and thrown them into dark recesses. Yea..., it is the fear of Google Panda.