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From the blog

10 Best Apps That Pay You For Your Opinions

If you are on this page, you probably want to earn some extra money on the sides. Then this post is for you!

You are most likely aware of some common ways to make money online, like teaching English or piano classes, selling e-books or making money delivering food for restaurant chains.

Loads of opportunities for passive income. But, have you thought of money making survey apps?

Making money taking surveys is a relatively more easy way to make some income on the side. All it takes just a few clicks and the money strolls, whistling into your purse.

No sweat!

But, I love to tell you that making money online by taking surveys won't turn you to Zucks, but it's still a decent way to make some bucks and pay off some bills.

Now, if that's okay, I will show you some of the top survey sites that pay you just for expressing your opinions.


1. Swagbucks - Best Survey Apps To Make Money

Swagbucks is one of the most popular apps that pay you for doing a couple of activities online.

One of the most common ways to make money online with Swagbucks is by taking online surveys.

To get started is easy, you only need to do sign up and start taking your surveys.

For each survey you take, Swagbucks pay you with points. You can claim your payment by redeeming your points as Amazon gift card or iTunes which you can use to make published chase online.

What makes it great

So many ways to make money. You can make money by installing apps, browsing, taking surveys. Refunds on purchases. ** One of the most popular and trusted apps for making money online.

How they pay

Swagbucks pays you for every complete sign up initiated from you

You can sign up for Swagbucks here.

2. Pointclub - Best Survey Apps to Make Money

Pointclub is a money making survey app by its parent company, Innovative Market Research.

Of course, Pointclub is newer than Swagbucks, but the user base is also skyrocketing with a good ranking from the Better Business Bureau, BBB.

One other cool way to make money with Ipsos mobile is by giving your honest review about new products and getting them for free in return.

Pointclubs only needs your opinions to improve the qualities of the products from the companies. In return, they compensate you in form of cash or gift cards.

Making money with Pointclub is easy, once you sign up, you'll receive $8 reward. For every survey you complete on Pointclub, you will be rewarded.

You can withdraw your earnings from Pointclub directly in the form of cash or if you want, through gift cards.

What makes it great
  • $8 reward just for signing up.
  • Reviewing products and getting them for free.
  • You can withdraw your earnings cash or gift cards.

3. LiveSample - Best Survey App For Sweepstake

If you only want a survey site that pays you in form of cash or point, this is not your deal.

LiveSample doesn't pay you for taking surveys, but for each survey you complete, you earn a chance to qualify for a prize draw of up to $50,000. The more survey you take, the more chance you have to win.

How they pay

  • Prize draw up to $50,000.

You can sign up for LiveSample here.

4. Shoppers voice - Survey App For Free Products

This may not be your household name as a money making survey app, but it’s one of the fast-rising ones.

Although, Shoppersvoice doesn't pay you for every survey you take, but taking more surveys increases your winning chance for a prize draw of up to $500 every month. Shoppersvoice will also be giving you free products from companies in exchange for your reviews.

5. Global Test Market - Survey apps To Make Money

If you want to scoop for a top among the top survey sites that pay you for your opinions, Global Test Market is one. Currently, the Global Test Market receives close to 2 million daily page views.

Reasons to sign up
  • A broad range of interesting topics.
  • You can pick your survey based on your interest.
How they pay

Global Test market works on a point system. A single.completed survey gives you up to 35 points or more which you can redeem as cash.

Global Test Market has different payment methods. Your first choice is to You may receive your survey earnings as receive your survey payment directly into your PayPal account. Alternatively, you may choose to receive your survey payment in the form of gift cards which you can use to make purchases online.

You can sign up through this link

6. Inbox dollars - Survey apps To Make Money

What to love about inbox dollar is that you have a lot of control over the choice of your surveys. If you just want to make some quick bucks, you can just take a short survey.

But then, it pays to go for a long survey if you can spare up to 15 minutes. This helps you to earn more money in a short period of time compared to taking many short quick surveys.

Inbox dollars will send your payment straight into your PayPal account.

You can sign up for InboxDollars here

7. Quickthoughts - Survey app To Make Money (Gift Cards)

Quickthoughts is majorly a paid poll app for Android and iOS.

Like many survey apps, making money on Quick thoughts is a win-win for both sides. You help the companies to improve on their products by voicing your thoughts and you get paid for your time and your opinion.

For each survey you take, you earn some points.

To claim your payment, all you need to do is redeem your points in the form of Amazon gift card or iTunes. You can sell your gift cards or use them to make a purchase online.

Here's their sign up link.

8. MySurvey - Survey App That Pays

If you want some really interesting surveys, MySurvey would be a top click on spot.

What to love

  • My survey is one of the largest survey sites online.
  • Surveys can be really weird and interesting.

How they pay

My survey pays you cash directly into your PayPal account. Alternatively, you may choose to be paid through gift cards. This is a good choice if you want to make a purchase on Amazon with your earnings.

You can sign up here.

9. Mypoint

My point is not only a survey site. It is one app that helps you to make money, while going about your everyday online activities.

How does it work?

A single survey on Mypoint can make you up to $50. Not just that, for every $20 purchase you make online with the app installed, you receive a $10 refund. That could easily rake up to $100 in one day.

What makes it great

  • High paying surveys: You can make up to $50 dollars on a single survey.
  • It makes a lot of sense if you could make good money taking just a couple of medium length surveys, few times a week, instead of short low paying ones.
  • Refund: You get a $10 refund each time you make a purchase worth $20 or more online with the app installed on your device.
  • Even your simple everyday purchases like streaming videos or purchasing gift cards would fetch you a refund once it exceeds $20.

You can sign up here.

10. Vindale Research - Survey App That Pays

If you want to earn big giving your opinions, Vindale research is your top choice.

Like most survey apps, Vindale works by seeking to know what users think about their various products and suggestions on how to improve the quality of their products.

In returns, you get paid for sharing your time and your tips. You are also given free products in return for your reviews.

What makes it great.

  • You receive $2 dollars just for signing up.
  • Very high paying surveys. You can earn up to $50 for a single survey. 4 or 5 of such surveys a week would fetch you close to $1000. Of course, it won't rich, but it's a good way to pay for a couple of your online purchases.
  • You get free products in return for your honest reviews.

Vindale research pays you in cash directly into your Paypal account.

Wrapping up

The Survey sites and apps featured in this post are good for making some money on the sides. Yes, you could easily make up to $1000 or more just taking surveys or reviewing products.

You can sign up for Vindale Research here

Finally: making money taking surveys won't make a rich folk. But it will definitely pay some bills.

Which of money making survey apps have you tried. What has been your experience, Please share your thoughts in the comment.