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1 Fun Way To Earn Extra Cash Delivering Pizza

food delivery jobs
I guess you already know a lot of passive income opportunities are open o make money - even working at home.

You can even make money taking online surveys, testing websites, writing or even you can make money shoping online. But, hey, why not make even more income as a delivery man?

What is doordash and how does it work?

Doordash is a food delivery company that currently operates in over 50 cities in the US. The company links up local restaurants with online customers.

When a doordash customer orders for a food right from doordash app, doordash sends such orders to doordash drivers. If you accept an order, all you need to do is to drive to the restaurant, claim the order and deliver to the customer.

How can I make money with doordash?

To make money with doordash, you need to do sign up on their website. Afterwards, they will contact you through your Email.

  • 18 years old and above
  • A smartphone through which the company can tip you when a customer makes an order
  • Own a valid driver license and insurance

How do doordash drivers get paid?

But how does a doordash driver make money? Now, that is what matters. Doordash pays its drivers an average of $5 plus for each delivery. A doordash driver easily completes 3 deliveries in one hour.

So, a doordash driver makes up to $18 plus per hour. Dashers drivers receive their payments on Tuesdays of the following week. The company makes its own money by keeping a certain percentage of the order completed for the restaurants.

Doordash ratings: What does it mean?

Every customer that you work with will be able to rate you on a scale of five - based on:

  • How often you complete customer orders: To avoid being rated 0 on this, once you accept an order, you need to complete the delivery to the customer
  • How quickly the order was completed: Most customers want their orders completed very quickly. Thus how quickly you complete a customer order determines what ratings such a customer gives you.

As a dasher, you must always keep your rating good - if you must continue to get orders or keep your job on doordash. To be on a really great standing, you should always make sure that your order completing ratings is 100%.

It is a lot better reject a customer order you are not comfortable with than to accept and not complete the order.

You must also ensure that you don't get to reject too many customer orders. Doing such will suck up your order acceptance ratings which may result in you losing your job as a dasher.

How much do doordash drivers make?

Most doordash drivers cover up to 3 deliveries per hour, earning up to $9 plus for each delivery. That means an average of $27 plus per hour. That can easily add up to $1,300 for a dasher - with other bonus earnings like up to $125 per referral.

Not bad! Right? But, you can increase your income following these tips:

Firstly, since your income depends a lot on the numbers of deliveries you complete. To complete your deliveries quickly:

  • Your vehicle works smoothly. Working with a faulty vehicle can be a bit tricky for a doordash business. If the vehicle develops a fault in the course of your delivery job, you end up losing your delivery and the bucks.
  • Beware of high trafficked zones: accepting orders mostly from high traffic areas is one sure way to waste enough time as a doordash delivery man. The high traffic slows down your delivery rate and slashes your income by a large cut.
  • Think of big orders: Knowing that you end up with a cut or proportion of the size of the order as your take home, it makes sense to always go for the big chunks when you've got the choice.

How old do you have to be to work at doordash and what do you need?

To become a doordash driver, you must be at least 18 years old and have a smartphone - android, window or iphone to make it easy for the company to tip you each time there is a customer order close to you.

Food delivery jobs do come with some funs

Besides the income, working as a food delivery agent does come with some fun:

  • The job helps the dashers to build connections and network which obviously may prove to be highly valuable in the nearest future.
  • A food delivery job helps you to build more interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The flexibility job makes it easy to run on a part basis while working your day job.

Working with doordash can be a decent source of income of income - of course, if you maximize your delivery time.

Also, for someone with a daily job, it can be as simple as checking the app for a close or nearby order while driving from work, picking it up and reaching for the customer.

Will a food delivery job make you rich

Working a food delivery job like doordash is not a get-rich-quick job. But, it is a decent source of side income and it comes with some real funs and opportunities.